/The Top Four Essential Care Tips For Your Windshield Wipers

The Top Four Essential Care Tips For Your Windshield Wipers

windshield wipers at The Top Four Essential Care Tips For Your Windshield Wipers

Despite the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and are not flashy, the windshield wiper plays a crucial role in keeping a person safe when driving.  This is because they are on the front line between you and the elements; therefore, it is important that one take care of the windshield wipers keeping them in good shape.  To help maintain an excellent wiper performance, here are four essential care tips for windshield wipers:

  1. Change The Wiper Blades To Ensure Driver Safety

At a minimum, it is recommended that you change the auto glass wiper blades every six months.  It is also recommended that you check the blades regularly for any damage as they may need to be changed sooner than six months.  Various factors contribute to the deterioration of blades including moisture, debris, sunshine, and misuse such as running the blades at a high speed to remove ice from the windshield.

By keeping fresh blades on the wipers, you can ensure that your auto glass will receive a thorough swipe each time the arms move across it.  However, if the blades are torn or worn, there will be an inferior performance resulting in streaks or a failure to remove water from the windshield glass.  Blades that underperform can lead to poor visibility; thereby, making it difficult for a driver to see the road.

  1. Cleaning The Wiper Blades To Extend Their Lifespan

Ranging from airborne debris to different chemicals, the wiper blades will encounter environmental issues causing rubber breakdown over time.  However, it is possible to extend the life of the wiper blades by cleaning the blades each time you stop for gas.  It is recommended that you keep a cleaning kit in the trunk of your car to complete this task.

The cleaning kit should include paper towels or rags, a spray bottle with vinegar, and some rubber protectant.  To clean the wiper blades, soak the towel or rags in some vinegar and then run the rag or towel along each of the blades cleaning both sides.  Furthermore, you can place a small amount of rubber protectant on a rag and rub this onto the windshield wiper blade.

  1. Adjusting The Wipers To Receive Maximum Performance

Windshield wipers operate most effectively when they are held in position as tightly as possible.  When the wipers are off, remove the dust cap located at the base of the wiper to reveal a nut.  Utilizing the correctly sized socket, ratchet this nut to tighten the wiper into position.

Once the wipers have been tightened, you may be required to adjust the wiper blades.  Ideally, the full blade should touch the windshield allowing the blades to sweep in a large curve.

  1. Checking The Blades To Find Defects

Even with high-quality care, a windshield wiper blade can become defective; therefore, it is essential that you inspect the blade each time you clean it to check its condition.  It is recommended that you check for cracks along the rubber parts of the blade, as well as searching for corrosion of the metal portions and deformations in the framing of the wiper blade.  If any rubber is missing, it may be time to replace the wiper blade.  Finally, it is important to scan the edge of the blade for any rounded edges that could compromise its ability to make contact with the windshield.

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