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The Benefits of Tekmetrics Auto Repair Software

tekmetrics at The Benefits of Tekmetrics Auto Repair Software

Auto repair software is growing in popularity in repair shops as technology continues to advance and have a positive effect on the way car maintenance is handled. Repair shops can find it difficult to tend to the needs of their customers at the same time as run an efficient business. With the Tekmetric auto repair software, these problems are about to become a thing of the past. Here are some of the many benefits associated with our auto repair software.

Auto repair software explained

Auto repair software is a sophisticated business tool that enables auto stores to effectively create customer estimates, review technician work schedules, place purchase orders, manage inventory and much more. Since all this information sits in one system, it is available to you at the click of a button. You will find that the most efficient and reliable shops utilize some form of auto software to manage their business processes. You can also use it to review your employees performance.

Maximum convenience

Our auto repair software will help to improve the customer experience by logging and tracking the repair history of each driver. For your regular customers, this means that once you have their information logged into your system, locating them is as simple as pressing a button. Everything from the amount of time spent at the cash desk, to repair estimate accuracy, you will never have to waste time searching for what you need.

Reduce customer wait times

What you don’t want is for your customers to get fed up of waiting for you to get it together and go to another store. From waiting for your employees to find the right products, to struggling to locate customer information that has been buried in files and folders. Therefore, efficiency should be your mantra. Our auto repair software will assist you in speeding up ordinary business processes so that you can respond to the needs of your customers in a timely manner.

Provides simple reports

All customer reports are automatically generated through the auto repair software. The customer is able to see a visual of the condition of their vehicle in picture form. They are simple and effective, eliminating the disconnect that takes place between bad handwriting and scratched out check boxes! You don’t even have to print the report; you can send it straight to your customer’s inbox.


If you want to spend less time on accounting, inventory management and administrative tasks, the Tekmetric auto repair software is for you. We would love to able to give you a detailed explanation of every single benefit; however, the best way for you to find out is to give it a try. By the way, we provide a completely FREE TRIAL! Yes, you read right, and it gets even better, this is not a one, two or even a three month trial, Tekmetric is providing this free service until the end of 2018! Click here to find out more about our fantastic service, we look forward to hearing from you.

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