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Car Buying Made Easy Through Internet

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Key Takeaway

Home to many global automobile companies, the U.S vaunts one of the largest car markets in the world. It stands second in terms of sale and production of the vehicle. An industry that is driven by the dealership, accounts for approximately 3 to 3.5 percent of U.S GDP. Most of the world’s leading auto companies have a presence in the U.S.

In recent years, U.S vehicle inventory has been significantly invigorated, driven by high discounts, cheap consumer loans and financing. As a result, 17.23 million new vehicles were sold in the United States last year making it the fourth best year in the history of the country. These numbers are still down from the all-time record of 17.55 million in 2016. For the year 2018, March sale came in at 1.65 million units, the highest sale total in over a year.

Shoppers are not just buying new cars but the industry is also seeing a boom in the used car market which climbed to an all-time high of 39.2 million vehicles in 2017. It reflects a 1.6 percent increase in sales from 2016 and a 4.3 percent increase from 2012.

Online Car Buying – The Game Changer

The traditional way of car buying can be a pleasant experience but you must have the art of bargaining. Fortunately, things have improved for good. Most of the car buyers these days are going online, not just to research their next car but are also completing most of the purchasing process.

Buying cars over the internet not only makes buying cars more transparent but it also enhances overall user experience. You get a plethora of dealers at fingertip where you can compare price and discounts. There are also websites and blogs that provide in-depth reviews of cars in different categories that can help you when you go out buying one.

Carhp.com is one such blog that provides in-depth reviews of different U.S based cars. Established, in 2017 the blog aims at helping car buyers by providing them data-centric insight. Reviews are unbiased and intended toward providing the reader with best shopping tips. Carhp also briefs the reader about the competitors of a particular car along with final verdict and suggesting better choice if available. You also get to know which trim or package you should go with.

After reading some of the reviews, I contacted Carhp team through a query form asking them about their future prospects. They were quick to respond to the query and generous enough to tell me how they are planning to make this a million-dollar website in the next two years. The first thing they told me is that Carhp will not just be a blog it will become a classified car website in near future. They are also inclined toward providing best online car buying experience across the United States and generate authentic leads for different car dealers in the region.

Curious How Online Car Buying Works?

Buying a car at Carhp opens up a wide array of dealer’s inventory where you can search for the car that best fits your needs. You can then reach out to the dealership’s internet sales manager over email, text or phone to confirm whether the car is in stock or not. A test drive is scheduled accordingly and you are also given pricing detail. Once you are done with the test drive, you can make the rest of the deal online or over the phone, working with the internet team. In some cases, you also get your car delivered to your doorstep.

The Bottom Line

It’s difficult to enumerate the saving you make by going over the internet for buying a car instead of using the traditional method. But it is safe to say that you will be saving more shopping online. There is also no denying the fact that internet is less time consuming and also causes less stress. You also have the leverage of comparing technical specifications and features among multiple cars in the segment.

Shopping at the dealership directly brings added risks, you might make costly decisions on financing and addons. Using internet minimizes this risk and it also helps you if you are not a good negotiator. Internet provides a nice relaxed environment for the purchase while informing you about all the aspects at the same time.

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