/Do These 3 Things Before You Hop on Your Ride

Do These 3 Things Before You Hop on Your Ride

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You learned about motorcycle safety during your riding class but do you really put into play the advice your instructors gave you? Nothing is more dangerous than riding a motorcycle unsafely, so don’t even go there! It’s not worth getting injured or worse. Keep in mind these four things, because safety goes way beyond the momentarily enjoyments of fooling around. Seriously, it does.

  1. Yes, Buy the Helmet

Looking cool on your ride is the name of the game, whether you ride everywhere, for leisure, or for sport. Thankfully, there is plenty of gear to keep you looking awesome while you’re shredding. Make certain you have a protective helmet that fits properly. Check these motorcycle helmets for sale to keep your head safe. Factual data and reports suggest that a rider without a helmet is 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury and three times more likely to suffer brain injuries in events of a crash.

  1. Check Your Bike Out

No, don’t check your bike out because it’s so freaking awesome. Check it out to make certain all systems are go. Make sure your lights work and also check your mirrors. Gauge your tire pressure and check the brakes. Don’t hit the road on deflated tires or with leaky brakes. Another thing to watch for is loose bolts. When you ride, the vibrations loosen them, so make sure everything is tight. Also check out these Alpinestars motorcycle jacket  to wear even when it’s warm outside. You don’t want road or dirt rash, so gear up!

  1. Check Your Mood

Finally, get yourself in the right frame of mind before you get on your bike. Even if you bought the best of the best gear, if you hit the road or track in a bad mood it will affect your ride. Road rage is even more dangerous on a motorcycle, and you want to win the race but not by taking out your opponents on the dirt track. Go to your happy place, and then fire your baby up. Keep the air around your head clear as it will help you make quick and safe choices in events of an approaching hazard.

  1. Don’t Show Off!

Yes, you have got a cool bike and it may be faster than the other rider’s. But that doesn’t mean that you should flaunt risk and pick a race with him. Roads are dangerous and bikers tend to drive rashly as to control the vehicle. Sports bikes tend to accelerate faster than cars because of their light weight. This also means that there is very little control because of this acceleration and light weight and the bike may lose control over the tiniest miscalculation. Also don’t take part in stunts like wheelies and stoppies at a crowded place because your devil-may-care attitude can injure someone fatally.

The best motorcycle helmets for sale can be found on BikeBandit.com. The company specializes in all things powersports, so check out their selection today. Once safe, enjoy your ride!

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