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Tips for Cleaning Glass Car Windows

glass cleaning at Tips for Cleaning Glass Car Windows

Keeping the car clean isn’t exactly easy, and it gets even more difficult when it comes to windows. If it’s not dirty from fingerprints, it’s from road dust and insects. There are dozens of ways glass windows for cars can get smudged and stuck-on gunk.

Cleaning the body of the car is great, but it’s mostly for aesthetic purposes. If your auto glass windows are dirty it could be an actual safety hazard. If you need some tips for proper cleaning of car windows, then keep reading. These tips will hopefully help you clean up and stay safe.

Tips To Clean Glass Car Windows So They Are Spotless

It’s not that washing windows is difficult, it’s just incredibly important to do it regularly. So anything that makes it easier is a net win. To that end, try to do it in a shady, cool area. Not only will this make it easier for you, it keeps the cleaning solution from evaporating quickly and leaving ugly streaks.

Cleaning The Car Windshield

Tools Of The Trade

If you don’t have the right tools there’s no way you’ll be able to keep those windows clean!

4 clean clothes, two for cleaning and two for drying. According to Don’s Mobile Glass microfiber is the best material, but soft rags or washcloths will work fine.

Cleaning solution. Use one specifically for glass and not an all-purpose one. All-purpose cleaners tend to be thicker and heavier, which can leave residue on the glass.

A tool to help reach parts you can’t comfortably reach with your hand.

Cleaning The Outside

Roll down the windows so there’s a tiny crack of space. This lets you clean the top of the glass, which can often build up an oily residue and make it difficult to open and close.

Spray the cleaning solution along the glass evenly. Spray each window quickly, if you need more solution in a specific spot you can catch that on the second pass. If it’s a hot day then you should do each window one at a time. If you’ve found a cool, shady spot then you can do a quick wipe of each window and then come back for a second pass. You want to avoid leaving the solution on the glass long enough to evaporate, but you’ll also need to leave it on long enough to actually break through the dirt and grime.

Either way, take your rag and wipe the window from top to bottom. Some people use circular wiping motions, others wipe their windows either vertically or horizontally. Use the motion that works best for you and your windows.

Once you’ve wiped it down, you should have some streaks. This is where you use the second rag to wipe up the excess.

Car Window Cleaning

Cleaning The Interior Car Glass Windows

For interior glass, you’ll want to spray the solution directly on the rag. This keeps it from spreading onto the dashboard or seats and causing other problems.

Whatever wiping motion you used, use a different one for the inside glass. This makes it easier to identify any streaks that may have been left behind on the outside.You may want to consider a car window tinting to protect the glass of your windows.

If you have a long-tilted windshield then you’ll want a tool to reach the nose point. Use whatever method is comfortable for you. However, it’s generally better to have a reach and clean tool. This one is a great example. It has a triangular head, which makes it easier to get into the corners, and the cleaning pad is soft rather than rough and coarse.

Just like with the outside of the windows, wipe them dry after.

Removing Stubborn Substances

Oil, tree sap, bugs, and tar are all common things on the road, which means they can all get stuck to your car on a regular basis. This is where a second pass is a good idea. If you have any stuck-on gunk you can spray cleaning solution directly so it can more easily soften it up.

If you find the gunk simply won’t come off, a foam cleaner such as Mixra Glass Cleaner can work wonders. The foaming solution can attach itself to the residue more easily, allowing you to scrape it off and wipe the glass without leaving streaks. Remember, if you have to scrub then you’re going to scratch your window!

Cleaning Headlights Made Of Plastic

If you have plastic headlights, they can be their own problem.

Since headlights are also a matter of safety, it’s important to keep them as clean as your windows. The plastic covering is easy enough to clean by simply washing the car, but check it regularly to see if anything has been stubbornly clinging for life.

Car Wash

Even if you keep your plastic headlight covers clean, over time they will develop the same filmy haze as any other plastic parts. This can be fixed with a few simple items you probably have on hand. Get some toothpaste and some car wax and use the mixture to scrub the plastic cover. After a few minutes of scrubbing, you’ll have a clean and clear headlight cover!

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