/How to Tell If That Car Is Worth Restoring

How to Tell If That Car Is Worth Restoring

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You’ve searched the market for that dream car and finally found one for sale. You’re beyond excited – you can almost feel the vibration of the engine and hear the hum of the tires on the blacktop. However, before you pony up any cash, you need to make sure that the car is actually worth restoring. How do you do that?

Rust: One of the first things to check for, particularly on vintage cars, is the presence of rust. Some rust may be unavoidable, and may not be a big deal. However, significant rust can be a huge issue. Check fenders, floorboards/footwells, and inside the boot to determine if you’re buying a rust bucket.

Frame Damage: If you’re buying a solid frame vehicle, which most classic cars are, you need to consider the condition of the body. If the car has been wrecked, there’s a chance that the frame has been bent. Minor bends are not that big of a deal, but major damage is an indication that you should avoid the car.

Wiring: All cars have at least some electrical components. While newer vehicles certainly have more wiring than older ones, you do need to check the wiring harness on any potential restoration car you’re thinking about. Look for signs of rodents gnawing, or of missing sections of the harness, and/or rust. Wiring issues can be very difficult and time consuming to chase down.

Aftermarket Parts: This one can be difficult to check for if you’re not completely sure of what OEM equipment came with the vehicle in question, but it’s important. Aftermarket parts may not be an issue if you’re restoring something as a daily driver and you don’t care about complete authenticity, but if you’re thinking about rebuilding a show car, then authenticity matters.

There you have it – a quick guide to ensure that you’re able to make a smart decision with any potential restoration car. What happens if you’ve already made a purchase mistake, though? All is not lost. You can work with companies like Cars Buyer Centre to get cash for cars you no longer want to restore.

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