/The Top 5 Passenger Vans of 2018

The Top 5 Passenger Vans of 2018

2018 chrysler pacifica 730x487 at The Top 5 Passenger Vans of 2018

Passenger vans are the perfect provider of comfort and space. Ever since they were first introduced to drivers back in the 1980s, they instantly became the favorite among big families. The very convenient features included in the manufacturing of most minivans are amazing for hauling cargo around, as well as transporting more people at once.

In the past, a passenger van was more about the basics than the details. Its sole purpose was to carry more people or cargo, but this has changed a lot since then. At this point, passenger vans offer high-tech comfort and variety of safety features for the entire family or group you are transporting. Most of the new passenger vans have safety equipment like adaptive cruise control, forward collision avoidance, blind spot monitoring, etc. All these features ensure your safety and the safety of your precious cargo.

If you are wondering which passenger van is the right one for you, here are the top picks this year:

1.    2018 Chrysler Pacifica

A couple of years ago, the most promising choice for a passenger van was something between the popular Honda and Toyota. Even since the Chrysler Pacifica was first introduced, there was a third racer in the game.

This vehicle offers very smooth handling, plenty of refinement, and a perfectly crafted cabin. The 2018 edition has many features that is great for family travels, as well as a big range of assistive amenities for the driver.

With a 287-hp V6 engine under the hood, this van is considered quite standard. But, when you add the plug-in hybrid variant in this equation, as well as those excellent features we mentioned, you get a very comfortable driving range of over 30 miles electric.

The price for this vehicle starts at approximately $28.535.

2.    2018 Honda Odyssey

 at The Top 5 Passenger Vans of 2018

This year’s Honda Odyssey is re-designed perfectly. It features a flexible cabin, smooth ride quality, and fuel efficiency. The pricing starts at $30.965 and the vehicle contains a 280-horsepower V6 engine under its hood.

3.    2018 Kia Sedona

2018 Kia Sedona 730x411 at The Top 5 Passenger Vans of 2018

The biggest strength of the Kia Sedona is the value. With pricing that starts at $27.990, you are getting some amazing features and an excellent passenger van at a highly reasonable price. This vehicle provides smooth drive and combines a roomy cabin and a variety of extra features. It is powered by an engine of 276-horsepower.

4.    2018 Toyota Sienna

2018 Toyota Sienna 730x485 at The Top 5 Passenger Vans of 2018

For those who are frequently on the road and exposed to snow or rain, the new Toyota Sienna is the perfect, smooth companion. This van has the feature ‘all-wheel drive’, which can provide you with the traction you need under such weather conditions. This feature allows you to drive securely on very slippery roads, and the vehicle’s cabin provides a very comfortable and flexible ride. Compared to the 2014 Toyota Sienna, this is a much-improved version of an already quite popular, excellent vehicle.

The combination of safe drive and family-friendly features is absolutely perfect. The engine is of 296-horsepower and the Sienna will cost you around $31.745.

5.    2018 Mercedes-Benz Metris

2018 Mercedes Benz Metris 730x411 at The Top 5 Passenger Vans of 2018

Mercedes once again met all customers’ expectations and much more. The renewed Mercedes-Benz Metris van is characterized by high durability and very roomy interior. Considering that this passenger van is not-so-large, the designers obviously did an excellent job in providing the comfort the user needs.

This is the most popular vehicle for small business owners or families this year. Each model comes with a 208-horsepower, turbocharged, and 4-cylinder engine. The pricing begins at only $26.990.

Have you found the perfect passenger van on our list? There are many excellent choices for you to select from, but if you want to purchase a van that has reached the top lists this year, these five are your best picks for both value and quality. The best thing is – you don’t even have to buy one if you cannot afford it at the moment. If you really need a passenger van, for a trip or special event, you can always rent one from reliable companies like Flex Fleet.

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