/Tyres – 6 Warning Signs and How to Fix Them

Tyres – 6 Warning Signs and How to Fix Them

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Tyres need to be maintained in order to be safe when you are driving around. If you are not sure what the warning signs are for tyres which are not in good condition, then read on. Not only will you learn how to spot potential trouble before it causes major difficulties, but you will find out how to put matters right.

Spongy Steering

If your steering feels like it takes a long time to respond when you turn the wheel, then there can be a number of factors as to the cause. One of the main ones is that your tyres are under-inflated and the car slews a little as a result before cornering. Simply pump them up to the recommended level when you next fill up.

Sidewall Scratches

What may look like a harmless scratch in the sidewall of a tyre could be a warning sign of a bigger problem. Sidewalls come under pressure when you turn and if the rubber compound is coming apart, then you may see what looks like elongated scratches on yours. If so, exchange your effected ones soon. To replace with new wheels online, you can check with Felg Outlet.

Long Stopping Distances

If you notice that it takes longer than it used to when braking to come to a complete halt, then one of the reasons may be that you have over-inflated tyres. Look at your wheels face on and if they seem to bow out, like a balloon about to pop, then reduce the pressure in them. This will allow more of the tread to keep in contact with the tarmac, thereby helping you to brake better.

Wheel Spinning

If you pull away in first gear and notice that your wheels spin before they find traction and you start moving, then you may simply be dumping the clutch too hard. Alternatively, it may indicate that your tread has worn down and your tyres are getting bald. An inspection by a professional is all that is needed to confirm whether you have enough tread depth. Alternatively, buy a tread depth gauge and do the job yourself.

Uneven Drive

An uneven drive may indicate your suspension needs to be adjusted. However, it could also be a warning sign of problems with one or more tyres. Things like nails sticking into a tyre may not be enough to make it go flat, but it could lead to an uneven feeling when you motor at speed. Bulges can also occur, leading to a similar issue. In either case, a visual inspection is all that is needed. Replace any tyres with such problems immediately.

Non-Uniform Tyre Tread Wear

If you notice greater tread wear on your tyres’ left-hand sides compared with the right, or vice-versa, then your tracking may need to be adjusted by a mechanic to make sure they are properly aligned once more. This problem tends to affect drivers who bump up and down kerbs a lot. Compare the tread on each side of your tyres to detect this problem.

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