/What You Should Do After Being Involved In a Car Accident

What You Should Do After Being Involved In a Car Accident


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Everyone wishes to avoid car accidents but still they are occurring on daily basis around us. In order to protect yourself and minimize the damage you should know what you can do. It is a fortune that majority auto accidents only cause harm to the vehicle only, and just a few prove fatal. If you have witnessed one keeping yourself conscious is the most important thing. You can only handle the situation wisely if you are in your sense and utilize your intelligence at the spot.

An accident of your vehicle occurs because of you or the other party due to several reasons that can be; not following the rules, eating while driving, using mobile phone while driving, or managing kids in the car. Remember, always look for expert accident claims advice, there are some steps you need to take immediately.

Protection First

Get out of the car as soon as possible and check if everyone is okay. Make sure the safety and if someone is injured, you must have some first aid equipment in your bag or car. There are some cases where victims get stuck on their seat belts which may also be jammed. In case of major injury, call the ambulance directly. If it is dark outside you have to use the flashlight to explore the details of the injury or damage. You should also have a flashlight or torch along with the maintenance kit for the car that can be really helpful in any situation.

Make a Call

Report the incident at the scene as it is important to make everything legal especially when someone is injured badly. Even if there is minimum damage and your state laws ask you to call the police, you must. Police report is also required for the recovery of loss and getting the insurance money back. Wait for the cops to come and do not move the vehicles unless the traffic flow is being disturbed.

Capture Photos

Take photos with the help of your mobile camera. Photographs are really helpful to record the visible destruction to the cars or wounds. It is the smartest step to take in case of any emergency you ever confront.

Record Everything

Before the investigation starts you should record the incident accurately. It is the time to use the best of your potential to remember the things like vehicle’s number plate, model of the car, color, conditions, time and location, number of passengers and witnesses. Do not try to guess anything and only tell the precise facts that you remember exactly. Ask the name of the driver and contact no.

Contact the Legal Advisor

Making an insurance policy claim require a notification to the legal authority so they can file the report to them otherwise they can also refuse to pay. Understanding the law, the insurance expert will make it sure for the retrieval of insurance bill.

Don’t Admit or Blame

Let the police or the expert from law firm examine and do not argument with anyone. Try to keep yourself calm and figure out what actually happened. Do not provoke the other person to become angry or blame you as well. Discussion of the event should only be positive and facts based.

Go to Hospital if required

Seeking the medial assistance is the foremost thing after a collision. Go to emergency nearby hospital and get help. Head or spinal injury is the most painful and serious one. You may experience dizziness or can also faint or lost consciousness in case of serious injury and can leave long term effects on cognition or behavior if left untreated. Always go for examination even if it is only a muscle pull.

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