/5 Things to Look for While Buying Used Motorcycles

5 Things to Look for While Buying Used Motorcycles

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Buying a used motorcycle is not that hard. You just have to know what to look for, in order not to end up with a stinker. A simple guideline and good negotiations skills can help you buy a quality and functional motorcycle, depending on the depth of your pocket.

Consequently, since you know what kind of motorcycle you want. You can take the initiative to learn as much as possible before making the purchase. This way you know its features in and out, as some might be mistaken for serious faults.

Likewise, arming yourself with some basic mechanical knowledge will not hurt. It can actually make it easier for you to buy the bike of your dream. Easy to use and maintain. Either way, you can always consult an experienced motorbike mechanic.

Now that you know what you want, it is time to choose a seller. You will have to do some research either online or offline, depending on what you are looking for be it a V-twin motorcycle or any other type out there.

For a V-twin motorcycle, you can make you pick at ChopperExchange. It is the best website for finding reliable dealers in quality used American V-twin motorcycles.

Here is a guide on what to look for while buying a used motorcycle.

1.     Body Work

You should check for the general condition of the motorbike, from paint to chrome condition. This includes any repaired parts. The chrome should be shiny and rust-free.

You should also look out for dents, broken side-cover tabs and scratches, especially on the fenders and side covers. As for its seat, keep an eye for any collapsed foam, tears and missing trims.

Its windshield should be properly mounted, no cracks or glazing. Likewise, check its saddlebag and ensure that the hard bags have no damage signs. As for the soft bags, check for tears or abrasions.

2.     Engine

A quality used motorcycle should have the correct level of relatively clean oil. You can inquire when it was last changed before settling on it, especially if you are making an online purchase. Fresh oil is always a good thing for a motorbike but also check for any signs of neglect or misuse.

Consequently, look out for any exterior physical damage to its exhaust, especially the rust bubbles. Look out for any broken part or hardware, particularly on its cylinder head. In case there are problems, get it fixed quickly at Moto Hub.

3.     Handlebars

Even though you are buying a used motorbike, you should still settle for something worthy with fewer after purchase repairs, no matter how small it seems. Therefore, make sure that the handlebars, as well as the grips, and mirrors are in place and in good condition.

Moreover, its levers should be straight and in great condition. You can check its ends for any scratches. If there is any then the motorbike was dropped somehow.

4.     Fuel Tank

The fuel tank should be in good condition from physical observation. Moreover, the tank should be well mounted with no signs of leaks. If you are buying online, you can request for pictures of its internal rust.

In relation, its fuel hoses should be properly secured and in good condition, if not move along.

5.     Front Fork

Check for any dents on the steering head bearings. Note that indented bearings will have to be replaced. As for the fork tubes, they should appear straight if you are viewing from its side, so make use of your eyes. Besides, the fork tubes should be parallel with the wheel centered.

The fork seals should also be in tip-top shape and condition. So keep an eye for any signs of leaks, torn dust covers and any other unusual kind of wear.


Therefore, you should do your own research first before opting to buy a second-hand motorcycle, as cheap can turn out to be expensive in the end. Do not forget to check the engine numbers as well.

Likewise, you should always consult with your local DMV before buying any used motorbike, especially one with numbering issues, be it non-matching numbers or alterations.

Overall, you can start with the above pointers to stay the course, while buying a used motorcycle.

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