/Signs That Your Exhaust System Needs Repaired

Signs That Your Exhaust System Needs Repaired

exhaust repair at Signs That Your Exhaust System Needs Repaired

An exhaust system in your motor vehicle is one of the most important assets your car has (and a very large one).  Without this working efficiently, your car performance will be severely impacted and you could be damaging the environment with dangerous emissions being released.

Replacing an exhaust system could be pretty expensive therefore by keeping an eye on early warning signals that there is something is wrong is important. There are clear government national and international target issued in respect to emissions targets therefore this asset is looked at very carefully during car services. Here are some pointers below as to some of the signs to look out for and take action on before a minor problem could become something a little more serious.


If you think of all the fumes that are released from an exhaust system, there is always going to be some moisture. Having leakages checked at an auto repair is a safer option than doing it yourself, as fume extraction equipment is available there. Do not let this alarm you as this is pretty normal.  If however you notice excessive leakages (usually more evident when you are parked up) this could be a sign of problems.  If your exhaust is leaking then the impact of this is that your car engine is having to work a lot harder and this will impact your performance.  In addition, the leakages will damage the environment therefore important that this is seen to by a qualified mechanic.  These leakages can also appear pretty much anywhere in the exhaust system and could be at a specific joint.

Exhaust Noise

Another potential sign that something is wrong will be the vibration and noise coming from the exhaust.  Noise and slight vibration is normal however if you notice a step chance in this respect then there could be something wrong, get it booked into a mechanic to check out.   Excessive vibration will also not only be visible from the outside but when you are seated inside the car, it is something that can be potentially felt throughout by you or your passengers.

Engine Noise

Believe it or not, if the noise of your engine increases a lot, the root cause of this could be a faulty exhaust system.  If your exhaust is not working correctly then the engine needs to work a lot harder.  The full exhaust system is pretty large and it is not just the pipe that comes out the back of your car- It takes up the length of your car.  If you have a potential leak at the manifold then you can expect your engine to react with a much larger noise coming from it.   Again, this is all something that needs to be looked into quickly as it can be harmful to people and the environment.

These are just some of the most common signs of a potential problem with your exhaust.  If you notice any of these it is worth examining a little more closely and potentially get the help and assistance from an expert like a trained mechanic.

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