/The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

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In today’s modern era, we all love to do some gaming on our phones or platforms on the internet, it is by no means an exaggeration that one of the most seek out games are online slot games, many game developers and making thousands of variations of Slot Games online in the term of themes and how they function.

Slot games have been mainly divided in two main categories which are 3 reel and 5 reel slots, they both have a huge amount of variations on themes such as movies, stories, adventure, horror, speed, motorcycles, countries, tourist locations, fantasy aspects, lifestyle and so on and on… today we explore of one of the most extended themes which is automobiles and cars games and the world that surrounds them entirely, as there are lots of them.

Before we do this list we do want to say that you should try to find a website you can trust and feel comfortable about, especially if you will play with real money, of course you can switch later or create an account on as many sites as you want! A site we recommend is www.MoneyReels.com because you can see at the bottom all the certifications, but if you decide to go check out others do look into all the legal terms and certificates they have!

So here are our top car themed slot games, enjoy!

1. Drive: Multiplier Mayhem – Like sports and muscle cars? Slick design and amazing electronic music? Multiplier mayhem handles all of these with a night theme well rendered visual style, as also a system of multipliers in-game and a thread victory layout that enhances the possibility for you to make some nice cash or just have fun like a speed maniac!

drive game 730x380 at The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

It also features a huge bonus system through free spins that can be earned by pulling out three “scatter” combo, it will give you 10 free spins and if you pull out turbos 3 turbos among those ten free spins you will be given 4 extra spins and a x4, x5 and even a x6 coin multiplier.

2. Racing for Pinks Slot – If you are still on the side of being a speed demon and get mad cash or mad adrenaline rushes, Racing For Pinks, as the previously mentioned, it is a 5 slots game with a plausible amount of combos and victory outcomes that is all about street racing the very expensive cars, the design is also pretty good as the music and will not bore you out quickly, we assure you that!

racing for pinks 730x411 at The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

3. Reel Heist Slot – Speed is for the cops, specially when chasing robbers, dodging other cars and pulling out stunts to not miss the track, Reel Heist Slots embraces this concept to a high-end and with an amazing design, great visual attributes and addictive game play you will not be bored at all! Reel Heist Slots is hosted in quite a few sites, if you are a cops fanatic! This is the game for you! It also offers an extra bonus of 2000x times for “catching the robbers” mode, which will indeed amount to a hefty nice prize!

reel heist 730x439 at The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

4. Midnight RacerMidnight race has earned it’s fame for having a history behind the motor theme, it features three main characters Kumiko, Hans & Hector, just as Drive: Multiplier mayhem, it features a combo that allows free spins for an extra bonus.

midnight racer at The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

5. Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive – Are you a fan of road and automobile trips? Mega Moolah 5 is one of, if not the most popular road trip themed Slots Game as it features a huge combo, their developers, Microgaming, know how to do things right as they implemented also a system of multipliers and free spins they also have a progressive jackpot that can build up to the 6 digits if you are lucky enough!

mega moolah at The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

6. Desert Drag – Desert Drag is perfect for all of us who love drag racing in open spaces, highways and dirty areas! It features a rock-blues soundtrack that catches you from the very beginning, simple and quick game play and a classic threaded system, although it does not feature multipliers, it does have a system of bonus rounds that can raise the odds!

 at The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

7. Highway Kings – Highway Kings is for the truck lovers, although the design is not so sleek it does play out rather well, it is fast paced and has a more classical feel to it, it has a 9 pay-line threaded system as all the mentioned before but features a x10 and a x100 multiplier which of course, can transform a digit into hundreds!

highway slots 730x529 at The Best Car Themed Slots For Motorheads

Now that you must be on the edge of your seat to go check them out, we will not stop you, of course there is and endless amount of combinations waiting for you to discover, go, and be the speed devil that will put your luck to test and earn big cash! With all these options, the word “bored” doesn’t fit anywhere.

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