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Best Dirt Bike Apps for 2018

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You’ve got a dirt bike. You’ve got a smartphone. You’ve taken the time to engage in some first rate dirt bike customization. So why not put the finishing touches on your off road experience by fitting out your smartphone with some amazing next gen dirt bike apps? There are a surprising number of high quality, innovative, useful apps out there just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Here are 5 we consider to be the best.

5 of Today’s Best Dirt Bike Apps

1. CoPilot GPS

Sometimes a dirt biker will find themselves far from a cell phone tower and in need of some directions. What to do? Well, if you download CoPilot GPS before you go on your epic dirt bike sojourn you’ll be all set. Unlike most motorcycle ride tracker apps CoPilot doesn’t require you have an Internet connection. That’s because as soon as you install it the app automatically downloads a full range of maps for your region. This way you’re never without an accurate map with precise GPS coordinates. For Android, iOS and Windows Phones. Available at Google Play and iTunes.

2. Mototrack TOUR

Mototrack TOUR is another motorcycle map app with a difference. It’s one of several apps available today that will record your route as you go for later retrieval. The difference here is that all you have to do is hit ‘record’ and the app records continuously until you reach your destination and stop recording. The best part is that even if you are out of cell phone range it can use GPS data to continue recording your route. That way you never get lost. For iOS and Android. Available at Google Play and iTunes.

3. Pocket First Aid & CPR

Things don’t always go the way you want them to on the trail. Pocket First Aid & CPR provides you with simple, easy to follow first aid instructions including a step by step video guide to performing CPR the right way. There’s nothing worse than being in an accident far from anywhere and not knowing the right steps to take to ensure survival, learn more from the CPR Certification Milwaukee training. Download Pocket First Aid & CPR and leave the guessing games behind. For iOS and Android. Available at Google Play and iTunes.

4. WeatherBug

A motorcycle route app is great. But if you know exactly what the weather is going to be you improve your chances of avoiding tough situations. WeatherBug has virtually every last corner of planet earth covered so no matter where you go you can get an accurate, up to date forecast of conditions there. Severe weather alerts, live cams and the ability to access relevant images uploaded by other users are all on tap. And best of all it’s absolutely FREE. For iOS and Android. Available at Google Play and iTunes.

5. Rain Alarm

Rain Alarm is a really simple idea. It’s like a motorcycle tracker app that finds current weather radar in and around your area. You are able to see if everything is clear or if inclement weather is moving in. You can even configure bad weather alarms which will sound if the app detects rain heading in your direction. And you can tweak those alarms to sound at different distances. Say, when the rain is 5 miles away or when it’s just about to hit. For iOS and Android. Available at Google Play and iTunes.


Great dirt bike apps are changing the dirt bike experience for the better. Enabling more exciting excursions that are also safer. Download any of the above motorcycle riding apps and join the brave new world of dirt biking.

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