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The Difference Between Auto and Motor Insurance

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Driving a car is known to be different than driving a motorcycle for the obvious reasons. Similarly auto insurance is regarded different than that of motor insurance. Having a motor insurance never means you have also covered your car under this insurance. As per the statistics, there are around 33,783 deaths associated with motor vehicle accidents every year. Of that, about 4,000 are involved with motorcycle accidents. This is why you need to always have auto and motor insurance in General Insurance.

Important facts to Know about Motorcycle Insurance

When you are exploring details of the motorcycle insurance policy, you will see a noticeable contrast between this and car insurance policies that you have had in past. It is because motorcycle riding is definitely riskier business than driving car and this is what is reflected in expense and scope of motorcycle policy. Even it is regarded more dangerous it never means that you are not supposed to reduce its risks or reduce the insurance rate.

What Will My Motorcycle Insurance Policy Cover?

  • A standard motorcycle insurance policy similar to the ones at Vespa Insurance, basically includes bodily injury as well as property damage liability insurance that you need to have. On the other hand, there are some other optional coverage like comprehensive and the collision insurance available for you to go for as per your needs and requirements. Your bike along with its value is likely to determine as to which motorcycle insurance coverage you are required to go for.
  • Apart from these there are some other factors that also determine the type of insurance you need to go for such as the amount of protection you want from insurance, whether or not you want proper coverage for your injuries etc.

Important Facts to Know About Car Insurance

Before you proceed to avail the much needed car insurance, it is really important for you to explore about some important facts about this insurance for your own convenience. Knowing these important facts will surely be beneficial for you in many ways for sure.

One important fact is the type of car insurance. There are two types of car insurance namely third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. When you go for the third party car insurance, it basically covers the damage, injury or death of third party. The Third Party could be anyone ranging from people in the other car, pedestrians walking on road, or anybody else who is not present in your car.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for the comprehensive car insurance then it has its own set of benefits and significances. This insurance is there to cover the third party liability insurance and it is mandatory as per the IRDAI. On the other hand, it also covers the damage or loss or theft incurred to the insured car.

What Will My Car Insurance Policy Cover?

There are various things that are covered by standard car insurance policies. Some of these coverage is described below.

  • Bodily injury liability: this is likely covers the bodily injury claims of the people if they get injured in accidents.
  • Damage liability: This is also supposed to cover the property damage to the third party such a pedestrians or other car involved in the accident.
  • Medical payments: The required payment is done to policy holder as well as other passengers in policy holder’s car.
  • Under insured and uninsured motorist coverage: This coverage is there to give you protection when a negligent driver has no sufficient insurances. In most of the states, it is to cover various bodily injury losses but in few states property damage losses are included in the coverage.

The Difference between Insuring a Car and a Motorcycle

It is important for you to know about the difference between a car insurance and motorcycle insurance.

  • Motorcycle insurance is comparatively more expensive: Motorcycle cost you less than a car but still motorcycle insurance is more expensive this motorcycle accident is more common. If you ride a motorcycle, then you are 5 times more likely to get injured than that of riding car.
  • It is not mandatory to always have motorcycle insurance: In most of the states, it is not always mandatory to have motorcycle insurance. In case you have a clean driving record then you are not required to have insurance. On the other hand, if you have accident history then you must have insurance.

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