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Car Rental Service – The Critical Things To Know

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There could come times when you need to hire a car. No matter what the reason is- your car is in the shop, or you need a big car for a family vacation, a proper knowledge of the entire hiring process is essential. If you are accustomed to the ins and outs of the car renting service, things become hassle-free.

So here we have come up with the critical points which need special heed before hiring a car.  Check them out, get the best car rental service and make your entire journey more enjoyable.

  1. How many of you will drive?

Is it only you who will drive the car in the entire journey? Are you going to exchange your seats and let someone else drive the car? Well, it is better to know that the more the drivers are, more the charges will be. Here, age also plays a significant role. Drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 are liable to more charges. So limit the additional drivers to get a lucrative deal.

  1. What is your car insurance policy?

Rental reimbursement insurances are covering the actual cost of the car. However, it does not cover in case you meet with an accident in the journey. Therefore, study the insurance policy properly and better splurge on those which include comprehensive coverage and collision.

  1. Are you accustomed to the travel policies?

This point becomes crucial if you want to take your rental out of state. You need to have the know-how of the travel policies and within your state and outside as well. There could be restrictions, additional fees and other issues making your journey stressful. So it is always a good idea to know them beforehand. Visit Apex Luxury Car Hire for more information.

  1. Did you fill up before returning?

Most of the rental companies prefer that you return the car with the tank full of gas. If you don’t, they take extra charges for the same. Therefore it is better to refill it near the rental outlet. It will help you to escape the substantial fee charged by the company.

  1. Do you have your accessories?

If you are traveling with a baby, you need to have a car seat and other essential equipment. Likewise, it is also important to come equipped with accessories like navigation system, safety gears, etc. Although the car renting could provide you all, they take extra charges for them. So, if you have your own accessories, it is better to come with them.

  1. Is your driving background clear?

The car renting companies check the driving records. If it is not at par, the chances of getting the rejection from them elevate. They generally look after a few crucial points like-

  • Your incidents of reckless driving
  • Accidents did by you
  • Other violations of rules like not wearing the seat belt, driving on the wrong lane.
  1. Did you inspect the car?

It is highly essential to inspect the car properly right in the rental outlet. You don’t want to give the charges for the already existing damage, right? Make sure you sign off for the presence of any dent or scratch you spot before commencing your journey. Do not hurry and rush to the sign the inspection form. It will help you escape giving the money for the things you didn’t cause.

  1. Are you going to rent from the airport?

Airport rentals are costly. They charge an additional airport fee which elevates the car rental fee considerably. Therefore it is better to hire from a location away from the airport. However, if there is no such convenience get know-how of the additional airport fee and budget out your journey accordingly.

  1. Is your credit card nearing the limit?

You need to beware of your credit card blocks. If your bank account balance is low and your credit card is nearing the limit, it is essential to update. Ask whether the car rental company offers a block on credit and debit cards or not. It ensures that the customer will have enough money to pay the bill to the company.

  1. Will you return on time?

Most of the car rental companies take extra charge if you return early.  Surprised? Well, this is true. They take additional fee not only if you return late but if you come early as well. So, if there is any possibility of change in drop-off time, make sure you know the company’s policies regarding the same.

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