/Hanging up the Helmet: 6 Important Steps to Take Before Selling Your Motorbike

Hanging up the Helmet: 6 Important Steps to Take Before Selling Your Motorbike

sell motorcycle at Hanging up the Helmet: 6 Important Steps to Take Before Selling Your Motorbike

Whether it is about upgrading to a new model or just getting some much-needed cash, motorcycle owners every so often come to a point when they have to sell their beloved ride. This can be an involving process since there are things you must get out of the way to complete the sale.

So, in the spirit of simplifying things for you, we’ve narrowed down the process into six simple steps to help create a smooth selling experience for you. Read along.

Start with valuation 

The very first thing you do when planning to sell your motorcycle is to determine its value. What your bike is currently worth will often depend on factors such as the make or model. Different models are likely to be popular differently at different times, which will determine the amount the bike can go for at the time you’re selling it.

Other price determining factors in this case include mileage, mechanical issues, custom features such as paintwork as well as cosmetic damage.

To gauge the current market value of your motorcycle, consider checking your local classifieds for the prices of similar models. Better still, just do a quick online valuation to get a ballpark figure.

Separate the accessories to sell separately

Next, take a quick assessment of your motorbike to see if there are any accessories on your bike that might influence the price. Instead of waiting to undergo a wearing negotiation process trying to get your buyer to pay more for the accessories, it helps to simply remove them and sell them separately.

Allocate a reasonable price estimate

For both the accessories and the motorbike, be sure to assign a reasonable price that’s not way off the mark based on your findings on the current market values. With regards to your accessories, notice that not everyone will have the same high regard for them as you do, so be ready to take a fair compromise.

Prep your bike

This is a no brainer: your bike needs to look its best to grab the attention of potential buyers and be able to fetch a decent amount.

This can be as easy as cleaning the motorcycle. Just this time, be sure to go beyond the routine cleaning and instead do an in-depth cleansing that takes care of the often-overlooked areas such as under the seat.

You may also want to apply a bit of touch-up paint to especially worn-out areas – the help of your paint retailer or paint expert may come handy in matching the original sheen. Also, tune up the bike to ensure it is in safe riding condition and starts without problems.

Prepare the necessary documentation

You’ll need proof of ownership when selling your motorbike. So, take time to put together your registration papers and other relevant documents including the safety/roadworthy certificate and have them together with any finance details, service records and remaining warranty on hand.

Take photos of your bike for advertising

Now, proceed to take your best shots of the motorcycle for uploading to the classifieds. The bike needs to have its best face forward to appeal to potential buyers, so take the photos from all sides against a nice simple background – preferably highlighting some of the selling points to grab attention like. The potential buyers will always want to find discounted bikes.

When all’s said and done, you may then upload photos of your bike to your chosen classifieds website and wait for potential buyers to come through.

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