/Unique Features in Newly Released Vehicles

Unique Features in Newly Released Vehicles

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Automakers are always on the lookout for top trending innovative technologies when it comes to developing new breeds of cars. Today, self-driving cars are still limited to only to the very rich and wealthy but that does not mean that ordinary folks cannot enjoy innovative technologies in vehicles that they are able to purchase. Listed below are the top unique features present only in newly released vehicles from most automaker brands.

LTE 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wherever one is today, the probability is s/he is connected one way or the other to the internet. Some people nowadays even work via the internet and it’s only reasonable that automakers of today are building cars which support LTE 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity. With this new form of connectivity, cars are able to do some tasks that normally people would have done when sitting at home including surfing the internet, streaming videos, music and even playing online roulette and other casino games straight from your vehicle.

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

This innovative technology is basically self-explanatory, some of the new vehicles of today are able to communicate with each other on the roads. This is a crucial factor as it enhances road safety for both drivers and even the pedestrians also using the same roads. Vehicles can communicate with each other sharing information on things like traffic ahead on the road that a vehicle may be travelling. Also, they may communicate on things such as weather hazards ahead. It’s also possible for vehicles to communicate with road traffic signals such as traffic lights.


Most vehicles built these days also support Bluetooth connectivity. Supporting Bluetooth connectivity means that a driver can access everything on his smartphone when s/he connects the smartphone with his/her car. This makes it possible for the driver to play music directly from a smartphone in the car. Some automakers such as Volvo are taking it one step further as drivers are now able to track their car via the smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity while at the same time it’s now possible to start the car using Bluetooth rather than the ignition key.

Voice Control

Most vehicles nowadays also come with voice control support. Voice control support is handy to every driver as it helps the driver to perform certain tasks such as making phone calls or even texting by simply pressing a button and talking with his/her smartphone connected to the car.

Wireless Charging

With smartphones becoming a default tool for most people in today’s world, it’s a necessity that every smartphone is kept powered up at all times. In order to ensure that drivers keep their smartphones powered up at all times, automakers are assembling cars which come with wireless charging capabilities. This means when a driver forgets or loses his/her charger, there is nothing to worry about as s/he can simply make use of his/her car’s wireless charging capabilities. Currently, most cars which support wireless charging support Android devices but it’s a certainty that in the near future, iOS devices will also be supported.

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