/Basic Car Safety Features That You Should be Aware Of

Basic Car Safety Features That You Should be Aware Of

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The cars of today are becoming more and more advanced. There are now cars that have audio systems that are Bluetooth-enabled. There are also vehicles that have GPS trackers that effectively help you find your way in a new place.

One aspect that technological advancements have improved immensely is the car’s safety. Many modern vehicles now have features that help prevent accidents. They also have features that lessen the impact of an accident if it unfortunately happens. We discuss here the most common features in each class.

Accident-Prevention Features

Discussed below are some of the most common accident-prevention features that modern cars have. Most of them are recent innovations, so check for them next time you go to buy a car…

  • Lane Departure Warning or Lane Keep. Lane departure warnings (LDW) and lane keeps are actually different systems, but their main objective is to keep the driver in the right lane. LDWs give off visual, audio, or even haptic warnings to notify the driver that they are getting out of their lane unintentionally. Lane Departure Warnings beep carefully bring the driver back to the right lane when they unwittingly go astray.
  • Blind Spot Warning. Side and rear-view mirrors are installed so that the driver can see as much as possible. Being aware of one’s surroundings is one of the most effective ways of avoiding accidents on the road.

However, even with the mirrors, there are still crucial blind spots. To take care of this, many modern cars have sensors and/or cameras. Data collected by these sensors and cameras are connected to a blindspot warning system that sounds off when other vehicles or even small animals and children enter the driver’s blind area.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). More and more consumers look for automatic emergency braking capacities in the cars that they purchase. What this electronic feature does is detect a potential collision, and start braking when the driver fails to react on time. This is especially useful when the driver is not paying enough attention to the road or when they unwittingly doze off.

Injury Protection Feature Updates

Features that decrease the probability of serious injuries during accidents are among the first features added to vehicles. The following are the most common, but they’ve changed a lot since they were first on the market.:

  • Airbags. Airbags minimize injury or even save lives by blowing from the front or side of the person upon collision. They are connected to crash sensors that effectively trigger their release at the right time. They have been in use in cars since the 90s, but modern airbags are softer, safer and deployed more effectively. You can choose premium airbag packages that have bags around every window.
  • Seat Belts. Seat belts, when worn properly, prevent a car’s occupants from flailing around upon impact. Many argue that a seat belt is the single most important safety feature that must be present in every car. Recent innovations equip seat belts with the capacity to position occupants in a way that allows them to benefit better from other safety features such as airbags.

Even with all the safety features, the risks of crashing or getting bumped by other vehicles are still there. When accidents happen, it is really important for the driver to contact a car accident lawyer immediately. This professional will help them protect their rights in the legal battle that usually follows a car accident.

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