/All You Need To Know About Driver CPC Courses

All You Need To Know About Driver CPC Courses

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The driver CPC training was introduced as a mandatory part of all bus and lorry driver’s training schedule as of 2014 onwards.  So, if you are a bus or lorry driver, you would need to choose the driver CPC training or the company you work for will choose the training for you.

Completing driver CPC training is beneficial because it helps improve your driving knowledge, increases your safety, and makes you more employable.  The courses require you to complete 35 hours of training every five years.  However, it is best to break this down to one day each year so it is not such a large burden in the fifth year when you would need to take a week for completion.

You may have been driving a bus or lorry for over 30 years, but you must remember that there are constant updates regarding driving regulations, driving techniques, vehicle technology, and much more that you might not come across in your daily driving.  However, despite not encountering these aspects in daily driving, learning about them can be useful by reducing stress levels, increasing your safety, and making you more money.

What Course Should I Choose?

When choosing a driver CPC training course, it is important that you choose one relevant to you and the driving service you perform.  There are various courses available, so why not utilize this as an opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge?  You can take the same course several times in a 5-year period, but it is important to ask yourself if that will improve your development at all. If you are looking for a CPC Driver Training Provider in Scotland, you should try Blacks Training Solutions

How Can I Find Courses And Check Their Quality?

It is possible to find information regarding driver CPC courses using the gov.uk website.

Remember, only approved driver CPC courses contribute to your period training and different courses will cover different parts of the CPC syllabus.

The majority of the CPC courses available are of a high quality and are delivered by experienced trainers.  However, we do take reports of below-average courses seriously.  If you have any concerns regarding a course you have attended, contact us using the following email – DCPC_CC@dsa.gsi.gov.uk

If we discover that a course is not being delivered to a standard we expect or is not being compliant, then we will take appropriate action.  This could result in the withdrawal of a training center’s approval.

How Can I Make The Most Out Of My CPC Training?

When opting for a driver CPC training course, you must consider your current employment and any future jobs.  If you are considering changing jobs, it is recommended you choose a course that will increase your chances of being employed when you change or advance in your career.  If you opt to stay in your existing job, choose a course that will improve your skills and make it likely that you will receive a pay rise or survive redundancy.  Courses dealing with changes in legislation are particularly beneficial.

It is important that you place all of the courses completed on your resume and LinkedIn profile so all prospective employers can view your skills.

When you take a course, be sure to share your knowledge with other people in the organization.  This way you will be seen as a valuable member in the team.  Sharing the knowledge can also assist you in remember the course training.

It is advised that you choose courses most interesting to you as you will gain the most from them.  You should also see if you can get your company to pay for part or all of the training.

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