/Why do we have speed limits?

Why do we have speed limits?

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Car accidents are very common all over the world. Although the ratio of car accidents is very large all over the world but it is significantly high in Georgia. According to some data collected by Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia, there were 3,162 accidents reported in 2016 alone out of which 812 injuries were reported in Newton County only.

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Why car accidents usually occur?

There are many reasons of car accidents. Drugs cause severe accidents and even death. Marijuana is most common drug use by the drivers.  Another important reason behind any car accident is taking improper turns. In unfamiliar areas, most of the people usually ignore street signs and as a result they face dangerous results. Use of mobile phones is also a major cause of any car accident. About 1.6 million car accidents are reported each year due to cell phones. According to California’s basic speed law, other causes are speeding, night driving, reckless driving, old designs of the cars etc.

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How the ratio of road crashes can be reduced?

Speeding is also major cause of traffic crashes. According to NHTSA, the economic cost of speeding related road crashes is estimated to be 40.4 billion per year. In order to reduce the ratio of car accidents, drivers should follow the speed limits. Most of the drivers choose the speed in which they personally feel comfortable but this not right. They should follow the speed limits for different areas. It is also important to use the cars of latest designs having advanced technologies. Brabus 700 WIDESTAR  and Schnitxer BMW X4 are one the most advanced cars these days.


To reduce accidents: Speed limits are placed along the highways and roads to aware the drivers about the maximum speed they are allowed to travel on that road. Speed limits are designed to enhance safety and to reduce the number of accidents otherwise the drivers would be traveling on different rates which will result in a collision.

To control traffic flow: Another reason for implementing speed limits is to control traffic flow. It I also related to traffic safety. If there is a collision on a highway due to lack of speed limit, other vehicles on the road would acquire attention and thus the overall flow of the traffic would be slow down.

For providing safety to local communes: Speed limits are also used to provide safety to local communes so that the street roads can be used by people out of cars. This will reduce the environmental impact of road traffic.

Common Speed Limits:

On narrow road with frequent curves, drivers should maintain the speed of 20-25 mph. residential areas have typically speed limits between 30-35 mph. major highways have usually 65 mph. Thus different roads have different speed limits.


Thus speed limits are very important in reducing road crashes. They not only limit the ratio of car accidents but also provide safety to the residents. These limits should be strictly obeyed so that the goal of peaceful driving can be achieved.

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