/What do you do if your car starts sliding on Ice?

What do you do if your car starts sliding on Ice?

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Car accidents are common all over the world. Car accidents can be devastating and the injuries can be catastrophic even if they seem to be of minor initially. There are many causes of car accidents such as night driving, improper turns, speed limits, drug driving etc. Also the designs of cars contribute a lot in the proper way of driving.  After any accident one should consult a lawyer who will help him in recovering his loss from that accident. Car wreck attorney in Portland  helps their clients a lot to understand and evaluate their options.

With the winter season approaching, snow is beginning to fall in many parts of the world. When snow coats the roads, it creates extremely dangerous driving conditions. Here are few tips to handle situation when car slides out of control:

Reduce your speed:

Reducing speed will prevent skidding. Usually fatal road accidents occur when speed is greater than 70km per hour. The faster you are driving, the greater will be the chance to lose the control on a patch of ice, which will result in a serious skid that could be fatal.

Watch for black ice:

Sometimes black ice cannot be avoided. The only way to keep yourself safe from black ice is to be aware of when you are going to drive on it. Avoid stamping on the brakes and you will be ok.

Do not brake:

When you lose control of your car, the first thought that comes in your mind is going to be to brake.  If you push down on your brakes, it will make the sliding worse. Decelerate your vehicle by taking your foot completely off. It will help the car to come in a straight line. The skid will already have enough momentum to keep going.

Applying brakes with caution:

In some occasions of skidding, it becomes necessary to use your brakes in order to handle the whole situation. Make sure that you do not slam on the brake pedal. It will make the problem worse and lose even more control of the car. If you want to use the brake, just tape on it. This will give you a chance to correct slide..

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Steering into the skid:

When your car starts to slid, it will stop when you take your foot off the accelerator, but sometimes this is not enough. In such cases, you have to steer into the skid.  If the rear of the car is sliding to the left then turn the steering wheel to the right and vice versa. Steer in the direction you want to go. Make sure that the steering must be gentle otherwise it will cause dangerous results.


When it comes to driving in snow, you may feel nervous at first but do not let that fear over your driving. Don’t be panic. Believe on yourself. You need to calm down so that you don’t over-correcting the skid. Just remember the steps above.

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