/5 Pieces of Technology That Re-Shaped the Way We Drive

5 Pieces of Technology That Re-Shaped the Way We Drive

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If you’re alive and breathing in today’s world, then you know how technology has taken over every aspect of modern life as we know it. We’ve gotten to a point where we can’t function without our phone, and we definitely can’t get by without our cars.

The thing with technology and cars is that every time a new type of gadget comes out in the market, the automotive industry looks for ways to incorporate it into its products. Because of these innovations, we can enjoy our rides whenever we get behind the wheel! Who knows what the future will hold for the technology of cars


GPS has definitely come a very long way. Centuries ago, the world the world was reliant upon compasses and maps to get to where they needed to go. The navigation systems today, have kicked paper maps, compasses, and even Mapquest, to the curb!

We now have access to GPS through our mobile devices, as well as it being built-in through our cars. The ease and convenience of turn-by-turn navigation will ensure that you won’t ever get lost! It has also helped as far as safety. With the turn-by-turn navigation not only showing us where to go but also telling us where to go, it prevents us from flipping through paper maps, allowing us to keep our eyes more focused on the road.

GPS systems are not only used for giving directions either. There are actually GPS tracking devices out now too. These are devices used to locate a vehicle. It can be used to keep track of where your teenager is while fleet businesses use them to keep track of their commercial vehicles.

Touchscreen Technology

When smartphones hit the market, they changed the way we communicate, as well as it changed the way we interact with electronics as a whole. As the technology made it smaller and more responsive, it made it to a point where it could be incorporated into cars. Touchscreen technology in cars today can be seen by way of GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, and climate control.

Enhanced Safety Features

The safety features in cars are more advanced now more than ever. You can now rest your arm from coming across the body of your passenger when you happen to slam on the brakes a little hard. Cars now use optical radars to measure the speed and distance of cars or any other objects that are in front of your car. If the car senses a collision, then the car will automatically brake for you.

There’s also a feature in certain cars called attention-assist. It alerts drivers with a loud beeping sound if a driver becomes drowsy and starts to veer into the next lane. This safety feature won’t actually stop the vehicle from switching lanes, but it will alarm the drive to wake them up. It can protect the driver from any potentially dangerous situations.

Electric Cars

Hybrid cars are definitely on the rise, and rightfully so. These cars have done wonders on fuel economy! Companies have been developing mobile charging stations to accommodate electric cars. Before long, you’ll be looking for electric charging stations versus gas stations!

Connectivity in the Car

Long gone are the days of the radio, cassette tapes, and CDs… we can now listen to music from our wireless devices through our cars! You can even talk on the phone in the car, just by telling your car who you want it to call.

This is a feature in a lot of cars now, and it’s almost become a car standard. If you have this feature in your car, your phone will automatically connect to your phone giving your car access to your phone and some of its features. No more reaching for your phone to call someone… you can just have your car do it for you!

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