/What is a reasonable speed for long distances on a bike Publisher?

What is a reasonable speed for long distances on a bike Publisher?

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Bike accidents are generally more common as compared to car accidents. This is because bikes don’t contain any protective covering in its surroundings. There are many causes of bike accidents such as use of cell phones during driving, harshly driving, ignoring traffic signs, bad weather etc.

The major cause is speeding. Most of the people do not care about speed limits and as a result face catastrophic results. There are certain speed limits for every street and road which should be obeyed by every biker.

Controlling bike accidents:

Following are some tips that can prove helpful in controlling bike accidents:

Attentive driving:

One should never lose his concentration during riding a bike. This can cause severe accidents. Driver age ranging from 15-30 has highest percentage of distracted drivers. One should concentrate on his driving so that he can prevent himself from severe damage.

Careful driving on rough streets:

It is important not to over speed especially on rough streets. Always keep the speed slow within a reasonable limit. Tis will help you to cross the road more easily and will help you to balance yourself on your bike.


This is the major reason behind bike accidents. Although both cars and bikes do not have same speed but also doesn’t mean that bikes should ride as fast as possible. There are certain speed limits for every street in every country. The speed limit on most of the GT road is 60-70 kmph. Different countries have different speed limits in New Zealand motorbikes are limited to 40 kmph. In some areas you can see the white sign with the black strip it. This sign is generally used in rural areas where there is amalgam of straights and curves and where there could be hazards around the corner such as cattle on the road.

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No use of cell phones:

Cell phones divert the concentration of the driver. About 60% of the accidents occur due to use of phones. You should never use your mobile if you really want to drive safely.

5 rated bikes and bike accessories:

Use of best bikes can also help in reducing bike accidents. One should do a complete survey before buying a bike. If you have a Honda bike you should thoroughly search best honda motorcycle accessories so that you can make your bike more advanced and comfortable. A best quality motorcycle consists of comfortable and valuable wheels. Honda 4 wheeler parts are considered to be the best wheeler parts. When you have a bike you should also know some best websites or stores where you can get parts of your bike in reasonable price. Everyone looks for discount atv parts so that he can buy parts of motorcycles in best price range.

The bottom line:

When you are going on a long distance, always keep speed limits of bike within reasonable range. You can also watch seed limits in every street. This will help you to make your journey safe and comfortable.

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