/Accessories You Absolutely Need for Your Truck in 2019

Accessories You Absolutely Need for Your Truck in 2019

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Whether you have just invested in your very first truck, or you have had the vehicle for a while, you want to make sure that you are well prepared for any scenario that life throws at you. The most frustrating thing is the world is finding yourself in a situation whereby you need to use a particular item and then you realize that you forgot to buy it!

Where cars and trucks are concerned, forgetting such items can actually wind up leaving you in a bit of a pickle if you breakdown or have an accident. Fortunately, we are here to help. Say hello to our ultimate list of items that you absolutely must have in your truck in 2019; you can also find a lot more at Speedy Towbars.

Truck Bed Liner

Truck bed liners are something that you absolutely must have in the back of your truck. Truck bed mat or access mats and liners help to protect the bed of your truck so that it doesn’t get damaged, scratched or torn when you are loading it up with items. Frequently carrying cargo around in your truck without a bed liner is a sure fire way to make it look worn and tatty after just a matter of months.

In case you were wondering, yes there absolutely is a difference between investing in a high quality, purpose built bed liner and just laying down a piece of tarp in the back of your truck. A good truck bed liner should be plastic. It will also be mold, wear and water resistant. To clean it, all you need to do is detach it and hose it down. Meanwhile, your truck bed is looking good as new. Perfect!

Truck Bed Lights

If you are ever traveling and transporting items around early in the morning or late at night then truck bed lights could well be your new best friend. These kind of lights help you to see the contents of your truck bed when the visibility and lighting outside is low. Instead of rummaging around in the darkness, you can simply press a button and turn on lights that illuminate your entire truck bed. This is the perfect addition for those who are likely to embark on early morning fishing trips or weekend camping expeditions.

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Pick Up Tool Boxes

Pick up tool boxes can offer you a lot of reassurance about your safety and security when out on the road with your truck. They offer easy and secure storage for the items that you may need in case of a breakdown or an emergency. Heavy duty plastic storage bins lock firmly into place within your truck bed so that you know they are secure and the items are not sliding around once you drive.

Truck Cap

If you want to protect basic cargo items from the adverse effects of rain, sleet and snow during the winter months then a basic cargo net is all you need. If you want to consider doubling up your truck’s functionality as an awesome camping vehicle, a truck cap is the way to go! Not only does a truck cap offer additional protection for your cargo, it offers a shelter for a sleeping space if you ever decide that you want to venture off into the great outdoors with your truck.

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A Tailgate Step

If you carry around a lot of items in the back of your truck, you are going to find yourself frequently climbing in and out of the truck bed. Even if you consider yourself a pretty tall person it can be a challenge to hoist yourself in and out. A tailgate step can be easily fitted to the back of your truck. When you need to use it, all you have to do is pull it down so that you can easily hop aboard. This is a far better alternative to carrying a mini step ladder around with you or hoisting yourself in and out of the truck.

Extendable Cargo Retriever

We’ve all been there: you’re incredibly tired and you see one last item right at the very back of your truck bed. Fiddling around with ladders, climbing aboard, and heading off to retrieve the item can feel like a bit of a hassle. Fortunately, extendable cargo retrievers exist to make the whole process easier. Instead of having to climb into the back of your truck bed, you can just extend the device and hook the item to bring it forwards. Best of all, these items are both cheap and pretty easy to store.

Underseat Storage

When you have a truck, you obviously have a lot of space in the back for transporting items and cargo. To be honest though, there are just some items that you want to have readily accessible in the vehicle itself. Instead of shoving loads of bags, boxes and tools on the backseat of the truck, underseat storage is a great way to go. This helps ensure that the items that you may need are right at hand, while not cluttering and dirtying up the chairs. Some of the storage units in the market today are compartmentalized making it incredibly easy to store different items. Everything from non perishable food items to flashlights and tools can fit right inside.

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