/How to Get the Most Out of Waxing Your Car

How to Get the Most Out of Waxing Your Car

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It’s perfectly natural to have a degree of affection and appreciation for your vehicle. After all, it safely enables you to get from Point A to Point B in comfort and in as little time as possible, so it makes sense that you’d want to take care of it.

Besides the maintenance of all of the internal portions of the car, it’s also essential that you take proper care of the car’s exterior. Apart from washing your car now and again with the use of a Duragloss car detail kit to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime, applying a wax such as a turtle wax pro is another way to ensure your car remains as beautiful and functional as it was the day it was driven off of the lot. Unfortunately, many people don’t completely understand how to go about waxing their car properly. Here’s a guide.

Preparation is key

You should never just immediately go into waxing your car without first properly preparing the entirety of the surface. You should never wax over dirt and rocks, so you’ll need to make sure the car is entirely free from debris before proceeding. After that, you should apply a product that will remove all of the previous layers of sealant and other waxes, so you’re starting with a fresh canvas and won’t have other products getting in the way of yours. The next step is to use a clay bar to remove debris that has become embedded into the paint of the car and won’t come out with a simple rinse. This way, no foreign objects will become sealed in after the wax has been applied.

Finally, use masking tape to cover all of the trim of your car, so you can wax right up to the edge of the trim without it being a stressful endeavor.

Don’t overdo it.

Less is more in the realm of waxing. Using too much wax will prevent the wax from curing correctly, and will also make things a hassle the next time you want to remove this layer and start all over. Spray wax is effective in this case as it applies a very thin layer that you can’t spread out yourself. Vehicle Lab provides an excellent resource of waxes that will go on as thin as possible. You should definitely keep your layer of wax thin, but for more shine, it’s recommended that you apply at least two or three layers of wax in total. Ideally, you should apply your first thin coat and allow it to cure properly, and then apply some more wax after buffering off any extra.

Buff properly

The material of the piece of fabric you use to buff your car after the wax has been applied will have a huge effect on the overall shine. The standard dishrag should be avoided, and you should instead opt for a microfiber cloth each time. This way, the car will be adequately buffed without any risk of you being too forceful.


Properly waxing a car is a labor of love. It shouldn’t be done in a rush, and careful attention should be paid during every step. Waxing your car is one of those things that’s only worth doing if you’re willing to do it right.

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