/How To Use Aftermarket Parts For Your Jeep, Truck or Car

How To Use Aftermarket Parts For Your Jeep, Truck or Car

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Aftermarket parts for the jeep, truck or car cost less than OEM parts, or original equipment manufacturer parts. You have plenty of reasons that you might want to choose aftermarket parts over OEM parts, but in truth, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

When Do People Choose Aftermarket Parts And Accessories?

Let’s say that you want to repair a car after a car accident. The insurance company may opt for using aftermarket auto parts instead of OEM parts. OEM parts have the advantage that they come with a warranty, and they can even help the performance, but they also tend to cost more than what you’d pay for aftermarket parts.

“Whether you are replacing a broken part, have been in a collision or just want to trick out your ride, “ said a spokesperson at JC Whitney, “we provide a comprehensive solution that meets all of our customers needs over the lifetime of their vehicle ownership.

JC Whitney, a subsidiary of US Auto Parts, is the oldest aftermarket parts seller in the U.S.,  servicing the needs automotive owners for over 100 years. The company is a leading retailer, and offers over 1 million parts through its catalog, as well as online. .

People should choose aftermarket parts and accessories when:

  • The insurance chooses it.
  • You want to save money.
  • You want to get cheaper parts for a used vehicle.

Will Parts from the Aftermarket Have a Negative Impact on My Warranty?

In most cases, you should be fine using aftermarket parts and accessories.

According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975, warranty coverage cannot be denied unless it is it proven that the aftermarket auto parts were the cause of the need for repairs

JC Whitney, however,  always recommends that you look at the warranty on your vehicle.

What Are CAPA Parts?

JC Whitney uses CAPA “Certified Automobile Parts Association” Parts. This company has high standards, and they have dedicated guidelines with their parts. Going with CAPA ensures that you will get the best deal.

What Are The Benefits

The chief reason that people choose these parts over OEM comes down to getting a better price.

You especially see this with insurance companies and auto body shops after an accident. They will use these parts as a way of fixing the car up for a lower price.

Another one of the reasons that people say that this is more favorable comes from the fact that you have a much wider selection of auto parts. With OEM, you pay a lot, and you only get one choice. With these other parts, you get plenty of great reasons for why you might choose these parts. This means that you experience much less delay because the car parts don’t have to wait to be ordered, and it doesn’t take as long to find a qualified auto part for the repair of your vehicle.

When you go to use these parts for your jeep, you should take the time to do your research on the manufacturer of the vehicle and the vehicle itself. In order to make the changes in a correct way without any possible damages, you should get acquainted with a guide on how to improve your jeep.

“The aftermarket auto parts industry provides customers an affordable and convenient way for them to service and maintain their vehicles,” says JC Whitney.

Technical specifications for automotive parts and accessories can be found here.

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