/Car Maintenance Hacks When You’re Low On Money

Car Maintenance Hacks When You’re Low On Money

Car Maintenance at Car Maintenance Hacks When Youre Low On Money

When funds are running low it can be a challenge to maintain your car and keep your fuel consumption to a minimum. With MOT and insurance costing a small fortune along with unexpected garage fees, it may seem tempting to opt small personal loans to cover the cost however this should only be used in case of financial emergency. For this reason, we are going to give you our top tips for car maintenance to save you money.

Clear Nail Polish For Windscreen Cracks

If you have recently noticed a crack in your windscreen then this could be the beginning of a costly process, but did you know that clear nail polish can help you to prevent breakage? Although this is not a permanent fix for a cracked windscreen the clear nail polish can stop the crack from spreading as quickly. This is perfect for those with a budget that is restricted as this will save money in the long term before taking it to a garage to be fixed.

Dyer Sheets To Remove Smells

If you have bought a second-hand car that has an unpleasant smell, the first thing you think of is cleaning the interior and replacing the filters. However, there is also the option if using dryer sheets. These can be placed under the seats of your car and act as a magnet for bad smells. Leave these in under the seats for a month or more and the smell will eventually be eliminated as a result. These sheets can be found in your local supermarket as well as pound stores making this the perfect option for those that have a small budget.

Cupcake Liners In The Cup Holder

If you are one of these people that has regular take out in your car then this is the ideal option for you. By having a cupcake case in the cup holder you can keep the interior of your car clean from stains and other crumbs that often collect in the cup holder. You can customise your cup holders with different coloured liners to have the design just the way you like.

Drive Smart

The final way that you can save yourself money is by driving in an eco-friendly way. By drastically reducing your harsh breaking and ensuring that you maintain a speed you are more likely to save fuel in the long term. With these driving techniques, you could also improve the running time of your car by keeping the engine in working order. It is also important to check the oil, tower pressure and water level regularly, particularly before a long journey as each of these can contribute to an increase in fuel consumption.

Toothpaste To Clean Headlights

If your headlights have begun to fog then there is a simple way to resolve it without spending a large amount of money. By using toothpaste on your headlights you can clean the surface of the glass and eliminate the fogging. This is a perfect solution for those that are into their cars as this eliminates the need for a brand new headlight.

With each of these handy tips, there are a number of ways that you can save money on your car maintenance as well as fuel. Which will you decide to try first?

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