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Unique Ways To Personalize Your Ride

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You want your ride to reflect who you really are and make a statement. There are lots of things that you can do to stand out from the crowd. Why drive the same old boring vehicle as every other driver on the road?

Extend your own personal style to the car of your dreams and make it a one of a kind edition just for you. If you are like most people, you may spend a lot of time in your car every day and you should be able to feel like it is an extension of your own personality.

From custom paint jobs to having the professionals use lasers to mark metals and create intricate designs, the sky’s the limit for pimping your personal ride. There are experts and talented craftsmen across the country that can help you make your everyday ordinary car into something extraordinary and unique. Take a look at just a few unique ideas for customizing your vehicle to reflect who you really are.

Custom Paint Job

Take advantage of the incredible talent of painting artists who can transform your vehicle into your dream car. Choose your favorite color or even a combination of colors arranged in an artful design to really stand out. From matte finishes that are all the rage to blindingly bold colors that will be hard to forget, the choices are limitless.

Personalized Plates

Depending on the state that you live in, you can have a plate that is customized just for you. Choose a combination of numbers and letters that are significant to you and have them put right on your license plate. If you want to be clever, you can combine your letters or numbers to spell out a phrase or a word. There are several online apps that can help you figure out a cool personalized license plate design.

Pimp Your Interior

It’s not just about the first impression that your car makes that is important, but the comfort and style of the interior as well. Ride in style with custom seat covers and floor mats that will stand out and coordinate with the outside style of your car. Don’t forget about your hardware. There are plenty of style options out there for your steering wheel cover, a new gear shift head or even a funky roof liner that will turn heads.


Don’t just stand out during the day, make a statement at night too. Invest in a lighting package that will really put the glow on your ride. Color changing headlights, light bars and under carriage lights are all fantastic options to help let your car shine above the rest. Just make sure that they are road-legal wherever you live, before you spend the cash to have them installed.


No car would be complete without the newest and coolest gadgets on board. Update your stereo to a powerful custom system or install a hands-free automated system. Add a GPS system to your dash to help you stay on track. You can even add on-board cameras that can give you a roadside view of all sides of your vehicle from inside the car.

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