/Car Transport NY to Florida: Why enclosed transport Is Best?

Car Transport NY to Florida: Why enclosed transport Is Best?

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Choosing a safe and reliable car transport NY to Florida is not that easy. It is a great and big decision to move from “the city that never sleeps” to a quiet and sunny Florida. I don’t need a lot of time to make this decision, because the winters in New York are killing me. The low temperatures vs. sun the most of the year, yes I am for the Sun.

The first thing that cross my mind was how to transport all the things that I own here? My bed, my clothes, my car. I have a lot of things that I want to take with me, but instead of that, I made a plan.

I sold out some of the bigger things, but not my oldtimer. I love that old and precious car.

Then I hire a moving company to help me with the rest of the staff that I have, and another company to transport my car to Miami.

I needed some time to decide which company to carry the car, which company is at a lower price. After reading some vehicle shipping reviews, i find a decent company that offers Car Transport NY to Florida. In the end, I decided that the best company is one that offers safe shipping and one that has more experience.
I made the best decision, and everything was going well.

The story behind shipping my classic car from New York to Florida

They say that the boys never grow up, only the price tag on their car toys becomes higher and higher. When you think about the costs associated with owning a precious, luxury car and the fact that only an elite few have that rare privilege, it makes a lot of sense. Having that in mind, it’s obvious why owners and car collectors of luxury, sport, classic and antique cars only use enclosed car transport when they ship car from florida to new york or otherwise.

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Most car collectors of expensive luxury cars opt to enclosed car transport NY to Florida or across long distances where the road to that place is near sea like the one from New York to Florida, this is because the long road along sea causes rust on the cars because of the humidity, and open car transport does not offer the same protection the enclosed one gives also they choose shipping from ny to florida to preserve mileage and prevent excessive wear and tear that comes up with driving that far. Sometimes, busy people have to be at their destination in a rush, and therefore have to fly there and hire car shipping companies to transport their luxury cars, as that is quicker than driving.

This elite clientele has extremely high expectations when it comes to choosing the right car transport NY to Florida companies to transport their luxury cars. They want an experienced car shipping companies that will treat their cars with the utmost care and attention. Luxury vehicles are often shipped across thousands of miles, so they want to know that their luxury car is in the safest hands possible; those of people who understand how to handle any issues that might arise.

Some people that are not familiar with the types of car transport that car shipping companies provide opt to hire professional drivers to drive their luxury cars to the destination instead of . However, that means that the car is on the road, racking up thousands of miles and risking all types of road hazards. Also, it is a longer process, as a careful driver will take regular rest stops. You will be responsible for their overnight accommodations along the way, as well as their flight back home.

How to Transport a Car from NY to Florida

Luxury car dealers and classic car auctioneers from NY and Florida, as well as veteran owners of classic and custom cars frequently hire car shipping companies as they need car transport services to transport the cars from auctions in NY to dealerships in Florida or otherwise, or to races and car shows. They typically have a preferred enclosed car shipping companies on which they rely for safe car transport NY to Florida. They know that enclosed transport is the best way to ship high-end cars.

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Although open air car transport has been proven safe – even for luxury vehicles – and many of the car shipping companies offer only this type of car transport but most high-end vehicle owners choose enclosed car transport NY to Florida, because enclosed trailers provide that added layer of protection against the elements and rock chips that splatter up from the road on  this route near the sea. Reinforced with soft or hard side panels, enclosed trailers provide that added bit of protection for your investment.

Would you allow your beautiful old timer travel like that?

Reliable vehicle shipping

Enclosed car transport is also ideal for very old classic cars that is no longer in driving condition. Enclosed trailers have specialized equipment for easy loading and unloading. Your car’s condition will determine whether it can be shipped door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal.

Enclosed car carriers only carry up to five cars at a time and some might argue that their lighter load makes this a faster option, but that’s not necessarily the truth. There are fewer enclosed car trailers on the road, which can make it harder to schedule. However, by booking your enclosed car transport NY to Florida it usually takes seven to ten days in advance but also depends on which car shipping companies you hire, you can rest assured that your luxury car will be transported safely and timeously.

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