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Why You Really Should Park Your Car in the Garage

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The original purpose of a garage is to provide a place to park your car. However, it’s not always used for that purpose. Many people use it as a storage facility, using so much space that there’s no room for a vehicle. Others take the investment route and turn their garage into an apartment to rent out. A garage can serve as a “man cave,” workshop, and so much more, you can even hire car park cleaning services to help you clean it every once in a while to keep it looking nice and clean.

But if you want the best for your vehicle, you can always put it in a vehicle storage facility for extra security or you’ll forgo the other handy uses of your garage and use it to park your car. Here are some of the many benefits of doing so.

Investment Protection

Did you know that your vehicle is driven only 5 percent of the time? This means that it’s sitting 95 percent of the day, and parking it in a garage is essential if you want to protect your investment. Connect with a garage builder and build your garage today. You may look for (garage springfield il).

The average cost of a vehicle in the United States is $35,000. When you’re spending thousands on a nice vehicle, you want to park it in the safest place possible. This means you also need to invest in your garage to make sure it provides the protection and security that your vehicles need. For example, a Commercial Overhead Door Installation is ideal for a residential garage or a commercial carpark.

Here are some essential ways that a garage protects your vehicle from exterior problems:

Weather: Rain, snow, wind, and hail can do a number on your vehicle. Wind is especially dangerous, as it can send objects flying at your vehicle to dent it or break windows. Hail is another chief concern. According to the Insurance Information Institute, insurance companies pay out around $7.4 million each year to correct hail damage.

General Damage: No one can sideswipe your vehicle when it’s parked in the garage instead of on the street. You’re significantly less likely to experience vehicle vandalism, and your car will escape dings from flying rocks kicked up by passing cars.

Lubricated Engine: The fluids and oils in your engine are kept in a more stable condition when it’s parked inside the garage. This means your vehicle will last longer and require fewer repairs.


You don’t have to worry about whether or not you locked your car doors because your garage affords all the security your car needs. It’s much easier to break into a car than it is to break into the typical garage. You should always ensure that your garage door is working well. This will allow you to securely lock your garage thereby protecting your car. In case your garage door breaks, all sense of security goes out the window so never delay a garage door repair. You can always seek repair services from Advantage Garage Door Chestermere.

Plus, if you have a home security system, it can extend to your garage. Your vehicle and personal items stowed inside will be safe.

Rust Prevention

If you live in a humid climate, your garage is the best defense against rust. Vehicles that are parked on the street or in a driveway are exposed to more humidity and standing water than those parked inside a secure structure.

Rust is a serious problem. It eats the aluminum and other metal parts of your vehicle’s body, making your precious vehicle look downright ugly. Furthermore, it can eventually spread to the undercarriage and under the hood. Essential parts can rust out. Parking your vehicle in your garage will save you a lot of money and heartache.

Clean Windshield

When you’re running late to work, there’s nothing worse than realizing that the first frost has hit and your windshield and windows are covered in ice. You have no choice but to defrost and scrape the glass before you can head out.

The problem intensifies if you live in areas where ice storms and freezing rain are common. This past winter, thousands of vehicle owners discovered sheets of ice covering their windshields that was an inch thick!

To prevent ice problems of all kinds, just park in the garage. Any overhead coverage, including a carport, will protect your vehicle from frost. Besides that, your car is significantly warmer on freezing days if it’s parked in the garage.

Lower Insurance Policy

Did you know that many insurance policies offer lower rates if you park your vehicle in the garage? That’s why they ask you about your garage and where you park your car during the initial questionnaire.

Insurance companies know better than anyone that there’s far less damage to cars that are parked in the garage, and doing so will save you money.

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