/Major Cause of a Car Accident

Major Cause of a Car Accident

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We live in a world where majority of us have cars and we think that we are perfect while we are driving. There are more and more types of transportation out there which cause to more traffic causing many traffic issues like traffic jams. Car accident is one of the most leading causes of death in America.

Most injuries are small, such as back-end hits and sideswipes. Some of them can kill you instantly, such as head-on collisions. Most of the people try to avoid such accidents and for this there are some safety measures you should take while driving your car. There are special car accident attorneys in Los Angeles who manage each situation with the awareness that customers need, as well as the integrity required for all kinds of legal work. It shows that attorneys in Los Angeles work to ensure that the interests of clients are viewed at all times.

Do not distract

The first efficient advice which needs to get exposed is on how to avoid car accidents and want you to be careful while driving. One of the major causes of car accident is distraction while driving. You should not take a call or text on your cell phone or talk to your friends when you are driving a car because it is risky and can take off the path and your focus. Hang up and drive as the tagline says. And no text whatsoever you do. In many countries, operating a cell phone while driving is now illegal, but it is a terrible idea in all states. You should always focus on your driving and nothing else.

Driving Speed

While driving the speed must be suitable enough to maintain the balance of the car. Teenagers find it very appealing to over speed and overtake the cars and sometimes they result in a very bad car accident.  While it may be gratifying to push the speed limit when you are late, speed is the second most popular cause of accidents, so you should resist the temptation and remain within the safe limits.

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Lane changing

It is not safe to change your lane while driving. You need to understand the fact that you are not the only one driving on the roads. A time will always come when you need to get to the next lane. If drivers do not make appropriate changes to the secure lane, this often tends to result in a car accident. Use your turn signal, check your blind spots and always proceed carefully into the next lane to prevent an unnecessary car accident.


You drive down the road, its dark everywhere and for the sake of warm fire you want to get home. For this you drive recklessly on ice/snow and you hit your car. Weather is also one of the major causes of car accidents. Driving late at night in snow or rain can make your car tyre slippery and can cause accident.

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Although alcohol is the guilty party, we normally associate with drugs such as marijuana, prescription painkillers and other illicit drugs also cause horrific accidents say the experts from an inpatient drug rehab orlando. Don’t ever drive if you are administered or not under the effect of any drug. If you think you are addicted to drugs you can always go to tampa bay drug rehab to cure your addiction.

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