/Solving Five of the Most Common Parking Issues

Solving Five of the Most Common Parking Issues

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For many drivers, parking issues are the bane of their lives. Finding a place to park, paying for it, stopping their cars getting damaged while parked are just two of the issues people have to deal with. Fortunately, there are easy solutions available for most of parking related issues.

Stopping people from parking in front of your driveway

If people are blocking your driveway, putting up a sign might help. You can easily buy a no parking sign from myparkingsign.com to remind people to leave your driveway clear. It is surprising how effective they are. People tend to think twice about parking where they shouldn’t when you gently remind them of the law using well-placed signs.

If you are an owner of a parking lot or there is a parking lot in your business place, make sure you invest in a good parking lot paving with the help of a professional asphalt paving company. An asphalt paving company or an asphalt contractor can provide exceptional parking lot paving, seal coating, and asphalt maintenance services as well as a commercial parking lot lighting like some outdoor bollard lights so your visitors can avoid accidents within your premises. Investing in a good-quality asphalt paving as well as asphalt seal coating for your parking lot with the help of professional asphalt paving contractors means a safer space for your visitors.

A fast way to find a parking space

In places like Dubai, the number of new parking spaces is not keeping pace with the increase in car numbers.  Some cities, for example, San Francisco and Copenhagen are actively reducing the number of parking spaces that are available in their centers. So, finding a parking space is not as easy as it used to be.

This issue can largely be solved by using a parking space app. Many large cities have systems in place to help drivers to identify which parking lots have the most spaces available. Usually, heading to those first will secure you a space.

Pre-book your parking space

Another approach is to pre-book. This is the ideal approach for commuters or people who have a meeting to attend. You can simply do this by booking yourself into a large company run car park. Or, you could do so through a parking app that enables you to find and book all forms of parking. This includes private resident’s who rent out their driveways. Often, this option works out cheaper and it increases the chances of your being able to park close to your ultimate destination.

Maneuvering into the parking space

Drivers who struggle to get into parking spaces can now buy vehicles with parking sensors, reversing cameras or self-parking systems. For a relatively low cost, older cars can be retrofitted with cameras and sensors.

Another option is to use a car lot that parks the cars as part of their service. Doing this enables them to fit more cars into the space that is available. If you do decide to do this you need to make sure the firm that is running the car park is legitimate. They are more likely to have proper insurance, which will cover the cost of any repairs should your car be damaged.

Protecting your car in a car park

In the USA a staggering 14% of all accidents take place in parking lots. Having parking sensors fitted greatly reduces the chances of your hitting another car.

Using dent protection strips will stop your car from being dented by people opening their car doors against your vehicle. It is now possible to buy magnetic versions. These can quickly and easily be installed and removed.

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