/The True Meaning of “Adventure of a Lifetime”

The True Meaning of “Adventure of a Lifetime”

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You hear that term a lot, especially from travel agents who tend to use it kind of loosely. Some label a cruise from New York to Dublin the adventure of a lifetime. Some believe it is to be found in Africa. And some even say you need to seek it up there in the skies. The truth is, though, the adventure of a lifetime is one that fulfills you temporally as well as spiritually.

At first, when you think about it, such an adventure seems unattainable. That is why people go to Vegas and Bahamas and other such places to take care of the temporal stuff, and then book a two-week mediation retreat in India in order to balance things out with a healthy dose of spirituality. And while that is fine, you have to admit, such treats are weak tea. They are pretend adventures and faux wisdom. But don’t despair because we reckon there is a way to have your cake and eat it too.

We recently came across Nepal Motorcycle Tours, ran by an outfit that offers well-organized vintage motorcycle riding tours everywhere, including Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet areas. Now, as you can see, the ingredients are all present and correct. First off, you have the motorcycle tour on vintage machines, itself so thrilling and unique, it verges on being an spiritual experience. Then there is the location, a stretch of earth synonymous from time immemorial with wisdom and spirituality and higher powers. . This combination is rare to find. We are almost tempted to call it Riding Meditation!

At one stroke, then, it is possible for participant of these tours (and there are many tailored ones to suit anyone’s schedule, skill and needs) to embark on what is truly an adventure of a lifetime. You will come back from this trip a different individual.

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