/What Should You Do In Case Of a Road Accident

What Should You Do In Case Of a Road Accident

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If you find yourself stuck in an accident, getting out of the situation is the first step towards your safety.  Undoubtedly accidents are disturbing. Firstly you need to check if all the people are safe or if there is any injury, take them to the nearest hospital. And the next step after that should be filing your motor insurance claim.

For quick settlement of the claims, you need to inform the car insurance company in the stipulated time. All motor insurance companies follow a certain procedure.  So, here is a quick rundown of the procedure that you may follow if you find yourself stuck in an accident:

  1. Immediately Inform the Police

After a car accident, you need to lodge a police report. Even car insurers need you to follow that. Your car will be inspected by the police, as part of the process. A police report will be created and a summary of the incident will be created by the police. You would need to submit the police report to the insurer.

  1. Send Intimation to Your Insurance Company

After filing a police report, the next step is to let your car insurance company about the accident. For the timely settlement of claims, you must share all the details related to the accident with your insurer.  Make sure that you speak to your insurer in the stipulated time and submit all the required documents in the stipulated time.

  1. If Possible Capture the Accident on Your Phone

To submit the proof, you can capture the loss or damage caused to your car, any other vehicle or even bodily injuries that resulted from the accident. It will support your car insurance claim and will be helpful for future records.

  1. Go Through Your Motor Insurance Policy

Make sure that go through the policy wordings once before filing the claim. This way you will be able to claim the right amount.

Also, go through the policy features and benefits, what all it covers and the list of exclusions. Having a prior understanding of your policy benefits will keep you in a better position at the time of claim settlement.

When Should You File a Motor claim?

So, if you find yourself stuck in such a situation during an accident, it is time you file the claim-

  1. If the Accident Resulted in Bodily Injuries

If there is an accidental injury, you without wasting your time get in touch with your insurance provider. When filing the claim, make sure that you assess the total loss or damage as per your car insurance policy. Make sure that your policy covers accidental or collision damages.

  1. 2. If the Accident Caused Damage to Your Car

In case the damage is caused by the other car, you will be recompensed by a third party liability cover.

If the damage resulted due to your fault, then you can seek reparation only if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy. It will also cover damages resulting due to natural disasters.

Here is a quick overview of the steps that you may follow while filing a motor claim –

  1. For Accidental Claims:
  • Simply maintain your calm
  • And move your car to a safer place to avoid traffic jams
  • Try to alert other vehicles on the road with a warning signal
  • Contact the police for minor damages as well
  • If you need towing assistance, then also you can seek assistance from your motor insurer
  1. Motor claim registration involves –
  • Submission of the original police report
  • Submission of a valid driving license
  • Submission of car registration copy (RC)
  1. If you are waiting for repairs –
  • Drop the car at one of the network garages for cashless repairs or any other garage for reimbursement. If your car is severely damaged then you can seek towing assistance from the insurance company and get is dropped to the garage.
  • The damaged car will be then assessed by the surveyors for repair services. Mostly the approval is given within 2 days.
  1. Once the repair work is done, you will –
  • The authorized workshop will give you an intimation call
  • You can pick your repaired vehicle and enjoy your ride
  • If you are lucky your insurer will send the repaired car at your home

What all documents do you need to submit to settle your car insurance claim after an accident:

Here is a list of some of the common documents that your insurer will ask for:

  • Police FIR Report
  • Car Insurance Claim Form
  • Diving License
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle Modification Certificate ( if any)

Things to Remember In Case of a Car Accident

  • Contact the police and evaluate the loss or damage resulting from the accident
  • Do not forget to timely intimate your vehicle insurer and share all the necessary details related t to the accident
  • Avoid any argument  or road rage during an accident, and let the police assess the situation and take necessary actions
  • If you want quick settlement of your car insurance claim, it is better that you go by the instructions

In a nutshell

In most of the cases, the above-mentioned steps should help you out. But, it is always good to go by your policy terms and conditions while purchasing a vehicle insurance policy and also at the time of claim. Because at the time of an accident it is important to maintain your calm and manage the whole incident tactfully and also file seek compensation from your insurer as early as possible.

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