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5 Best Motorcycle Apparel Companies

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For those of us that have chosen to go through life on two wheels, it is common knowledge that apparel is top of the gear list, just as important and tires and brake oil are. Our four-wheeling counterparts do not necessarily have to dress the part, but bikers have an identity that their getup completes, and they do not joke with that.

There’s an old motorcycle saying that goes, “Clothes don’t only make a man, they save him”. Biking apparel is not only important for form, but also for function. The right getup could literally save your life, and all bikers know that. If you didn’t, you do now.

A lot of companies are stepping up to the demand for great motorcycle apparel – but the population, unfortunately, includes some faux manufacturers looking to make some bucks off unsuspecting consumers.

To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, here’s a list of the top five motorcycle apparel companies that produce getup you can absolutely trust.

5 Best Motorcycle Apparel Companies

  1. Ridezza

Ridezza features motorcycle apparel designed by Felipe Michelin which emphasizes bikers not only have to wear apparel, they also have to carry gear.

So, straight from the heart of US and originally from Colorado, Ridezza brings together a functional, rugged yet unapologetically urban vibe to their bike gear.

Their designs are absolutely minimalist, so while you may be carrying a lot around, you’re definitely not looking like it. To keep consumers under the influence of their brand for as long as possible, Ridezza produces everything from shirts for both sexes, to leggings for women, to mugs and keychains.

  1. Canvas MX

One thing that endeared us to Canvas MX is the fact that they allow bikers to truly be themselves, and we’ll explain how in a bit. Instead of producing stereotype biker apparel en masse and hoping people like it, Canvas MX lets you fully customize your gear, giving you all the edge you want.

What’s interesting is that Canvas MX started because one dedicated rider needed to raise enough money to compete in the Oakland Supercross. What followed was the idea to let bikers have a ‘Canvas’ where they can choose their getup according to specific tastes and needs. Thumbs up to the company, with whom you’d literally be getting gear that is one of a kind.

  1. Crave For Ride

Yes, we said bikers have an identity. But not all bikers want to be wearing heavyweight leather jackets all day, just because they own a bike. Crave For Ride makes apparels for Biker Jacks that still want to look like Average Joe. It’s bike wear, but it’s also streetwear. The best of both worlds.

By infusing bike wear basics in apparels that double as everyday wear, Crave For Ride makes sure that you don’t need separate budgets for riding gear and streetwear. You could also skip on layering in summer, if you go with our Crave Favorite – a flannel shirt with DuPont Kevlar lining. Haha guys, Crave must have really thought about this.

  1. Atwyld

Atwyld came through for women bikers who were tired of having to look like dudes because they chose to bike. The company fuses style and functionality in biking gear that is designed to withstand whatever adventure you decide to take – and they had women in mind.

From mountain to desert to sea, Atwyld realized that adventures are not only for the Joes of this world, but for the Janes too – and they deserve to look great at it.

  1. Saint Unbreakable

Saint Unbreakable, if you didn’t already guess by their name, produce bike wear that stand up to the wear and abuse that bikers inevitably put their getup through. The great part is that you don’t have to lose style points for the ruggedness that the fabrics offer.

Saint Unbreakable makes heavy-duty denim and leather that are in no way similar to the burlap-sack-looking fabrics you’d have to opt for if you were looking for durable getup otherwise.

Getting the right getup for your two-wheeled lifestyle can be a matter of life or death, no jokes. With the brands we’ve pointed out, we hope your search for good gear is narrowed on. For more help with the getup search, here are a few pointers to what you should really be looking out for when you’re getting riding apparel.

What You Should Look Out For When Buying Motorcycle Apparels

  1. Fit: Most (read “all”) motorcycle riders want to look good and at the same time have the best protection from the elements as possible. But it’s not just about looks. Good motorcycle jackets, for instance, have CE body armor inserts and reflective tape on the inner lining. If the jacket doesn’t fit right, the padding and inserts will be wrong and any curb crashes may be uglier than normal. You can shop for mens biker leather jackets at Leather Stand.
  2. Function: Depending on the kind of riding you do, check that the components of your apparel are designed to withstand the tests of your path. If you’re a cruiser, you probably need less heavyweight getup than a sport racer. Plus, ensure that you consider the climate of your region when picking apparel- don’t forget that you’ll be interacting with the weather elements directly.
  3. Price: Motorcycle apparel is anything but a dime a dozen. Getup and gear always cost a pretty penny, but you should make sure that you’re getting value for every buck you spend. You can also compare prices; what sells for $50 on Ridezza.com might sell for a different price somewhere else.

Most of the high-priced stuff should be durable enough to save you the hassle of getting replacements in years. If you’re working with a budget, there are a lot of secondhand stores that have better deals on apparel, at great prices.

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