/Settling After a Car Accident: These 6 Factors Will Tell You Whether the Proposed Compensation Is High Enough

Settling After a Car Accident: These 6 Factors Will Tell You Whether the Proposed Compensation Is High Enough

car accident at Settling After a Car Accident: These 6 Factors Will Tell You Whether the Proposed Compensation Is High Enough

No one wants to ever be in a car accident, but in the eventuality that you are, and you suffer any kind of loss, you need to make sure you are adequately compensated. Whether you suffer financial issues, psychological ones, or physical problems, your compensation needs to take care of you.

  1. Will It Cover The Damage To The Car?

When you get into a car accident you may be thinking about your car first, and the same may be true when you are looking at the settlement being offered. Cars are one of the biggest investments that we make besides our houses.

So, looking at the compensation the first question you are going to have you ask yourself in regards to the amount is pretty obvious. Is it going to pay for the repairs for the car, or in some cases the replacement of the vehicle? If not, then it is going to have a huge effect on your life.

You may have to have it towed, and it may need extensive work done on it. If it doesn’t cover this set of expenses then you are going to want to seek out car accident attorneys here.

  1. Does It Cover Loss Of Earnings?

Not only can the loss of the car make it hard for you to earn, while it is in the shop, or while the accident is being investigated. The injury that you suffered can keep you out of work for a long time.

In the worst case scenario, what happens if you can’t ever work again? Any compensation that is offered to you has to take this into account. In the event that you have a family and you are the main earner in the household, this is going to affect your whole family as well.

You want to make sure that you are going to be able to live and that you are going to be able to cover your basic expenses for the time that you were unable to work. You may already have incurred debts because of the accident.

  1. Will It Cover Your Medical Expenses?

Hopefully you will come of the accident with something minor that will clear up quickly – this is the best scenario. Even then you may be looking at some expensive treatments and follow up appointments.

As the injuries get more serious the expense obviously goes up. This can be affected by both how bad the injuries are and over how long a period they need to be treated. It can of course extend to physical therapy in order to rehabilitate you so that you can get back to work, or in some cases, help you to be able to do basic things that the accident made it impossible to do.

Permanent injuries are going to obviously come at a greater expense, so it is important that whatever you need to be able to regain your health or maintain you, have to be taken care of.

  1. Does It Help You Handle The Psychological Effects?

Car accidents don’t just have a physical effect on you, there is also a psychological component that has to be taken into account.

Again, the time frame over which these problems can present is going to vary from case to case.

The accident itself is going to often cause psychological distress, but there are other ways that this can be seen to manifest. Not being able to work for a long time is going to have a negative effect on you, and add to that the fact that your bills may remain uncovered, and you are going to be prone to a lot of stress.

If the injuries are permanent the need for therapy may be something you have to look at as a long term accompaniment to the medical expenses that have to be taken care of. Your family is also going to go through a lot of upset, and this is likely to also add to the stress-load that you are under.

  1. Does It Cover Coping Expenses?

Medical expenses aside, there may be permanent situations that you have to deal with in terms of coping with the daily challenges of life after your accident.

You may not ever be able to drive again, and you may not be able to work. Some of the basic things that you were used to being able to do for yourself may now be beyond you. In the worst cases, you may not be able to look after yourself at all.

You may have to change your set up at home to make it more amenable to you, and you may have to employ help to get you through the day to day. Your loved ones may hve to become your permanent carers.

There can be some large ramifications of getting in an accident. All of this needs to be looked at.

  1. Does It Compensate For The Loss Of Quality Of Life?

The quality of your life can be impacted on a short term basis, or it may be permanently affected. You need to make sure that to achieve the best quality of life thereafter you are adequately compensated.

Having to think with how the money will last over a long period of time, rather than looking at a lump sum to fix some of the problems caused by the accident in the short term, may make you entirely rethink whether the amount is enough. Your injuries may become progressively harder to handle as you get older, and your quality of life may deteriorate further if you lack the resources to really look after yourself.

Some things can not be fixed by money, and there are some things that may result from your accident that are not ever going to be entirely right again. If this is the case, the money is going to be, in some senses, little consolation, but you are going to need it, and you are going to be somewhat dependent on your compensation thereafter. With this in mind you want someone who fully understands your situation, and is able to best represent your needs.


Hopefully these points have helped you to look at what you need to think with, if you are ever in an accident, and having to consider whether the offer that has been made to you for compensation is high enough.

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