/Switching from a Left-Hand to a Right-Hand Drive Car: What You Need to Know

Switching from a Left-Hand to a Right-Hand Drive Car: What You Need to Know

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A large majority of countries in the world use right-hand drive cars. However, there are a few countries that do use the left-hand drive cars. Switching from a left-hand drive car to a right-hand drive car is no rocket science but nonetheless, there are some important things that the driver needs to know. In this article, we are going to share with all drivers these important insights.

‘Keep Left’ Becomes All too Funny  

Well, when we learn to drive, driving instructors inform us that one of the most important rules that any driver ought to bear in mind at all times is to ‘keep left’. What this simply means is that when driving on a lane, we must drive on the left lane. With a right-hand drive car, however, you must keep left but when sitting in the car, you will sit to the right side thereby meaning, it’s the car, not the driver that has to keep left. Bit puzzling right, well, with time the mindset will start to change and hopefully, you will like the change.

Interchanging Wipers and Indicator Lights

Another funny thing that happens when drivers switch from a left-hand drive car to a right-hand drive car is that often, they end up interchanging wipers and indicator lights. Most if not all right-hand-drive cars do have the indicator lights behind the steering wheel nearest to the door. Wipers are located behind the steering wheel but on the opposite side. With left-hand drive cars, however, it’s the other way around! What this means therefore is that for those who would have become accustomed to the left-hand drive cars, they will have to change their mindset when they switch to right-hand drive cars as failure to do so will see them turning on wipers when instead they want to turn on indicator lights and turning on indicator lights when instead they want wipers! Many drivers struggle with this but with time, they do adjust. One unconventional way that will help drivers adjust at a faster pace is by simply playing car video games at NoviCasino.

Opening the Wrong Door

After a while of owning a car, most if not all drivers develop a habit of walking straight to the driver’s side door. Well, there is no reason why a driver will open the passenger’s side door if there is nothing he wants to fetch over that side. Because of this habit, drivers who drive left-hand drive cars when approaching their cars will approach from the left side. When switching to right-hand drive cars, this, however, can present somewhat of a dilemma. This is because the driver may approach the left side only to realize he is about to open the passenger’s side door! Comedic isn’t it. Well, there is really no quick-fix solution to this other than to hope and wish that the habit of approaching from the left side stops soonest and the habit of approaching from the right side starts at the earliest.

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