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What is a Good Price for Towing Services?

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With so many car towing services available today, it can be difficult to determine which are offering the best deal. Paying a good price for towing helps reduce the overall cost of moving or car repairs, so finding a provider that offers good service at an affordable cost becomes a necessity. Keep reading to learn more about the best prices for towing services, and why tow companies charge what they do.

Type of Vehicle

Are you towing a small RV or a sedan? The type of vehicle you’re towing will have a huge impact on the overall towing fees after a car accident. According to info available on the Express Towing website, a standard tow truck will likely charge anywhere from about $70 to upwards of $100, depending on how far you’re towing your vehicle.

If you have a large vehicle that requires a flatbed truck or other heavy-duty vehicle to move, your price will go up to about $90-$150; again, depending on how far you’re traveling. Larger trucks require more fuel to operate, and will use up more fuel towing the extra weight of your large vehicle. This accounts for the added costs you’ll see with a larger tow job.

Distance to Travel

Another important factor to consider in your towing costs in the distance you’re traveling. Most towing companies involved with heavy equipment transportation will charge a base cost for up to a certain number of miles (usually around 5-10 miles) and charge for every mile above the base mileage. Long-distance towing can be quite expensive when you consider the average cost of $2-$4 per mile. This can increase your bill by quite a lot!

If you find yourself in need of towing, be sure you know exactly where you want to go beforehand. You might find there is a repair shop much closer than the one you wanted to use, or that you simply want to tow the car the few miles back to your own home to attempt a DIY repair. Whatever the case may be, just remember the mileage charges that come with long-distance towing. Keeping your tow as localized as possible will help you avoid those costly mileage charges and reduce the cost of the service overall. Towing Less in El Paso will help you get your vehicle to the desired location with maximum convenience, 24 hours El Paso tow truck service just a call away at (915) 206-4279.


Base Costs

Towing companies usually charge a base cost or “hook-up” fee. This will vary among providers, but can usually be anywhere from $50-$75 dollars or higher; again, depending on the service provider and specific terms. Some regions have laws on towing fees, so you can expect a fixed rate regardless of the provider. Other regions have no cap, and providers can pretty much charge whatever they like.

The base cost will be your starting point when calculating your towing expenses. Be sure to ask what the company’s hook-up fee is, so you can shop around and compare prices to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Having to tow your car is already a costly process; mitigating those expenses can mean the difference between a huge payout and a small expense.

Hook-up fees shouldn’t generally be more than about $90, so if your towing company is charging more than that, it might be time to look for a different provider.

Other Services

Let’s not forget the other services towing companies like towing service dublin can offer; everything from jump-starts to flat-tire repair to a gas refill. Towing services can also help you unlock your vehicle when you accidentally lock your keys out of the car, and are the perfect solution for a vehicle stuck in mud or snow.

These services will also vary depending on your location and the service provider. Minor services usually cost less than a tow, but still carry some cost with them that you must be aware of. Don’t forget to fill up your tank, and be sure to always have your keys on hand when locking your car doors!


Emergency towing services come in all varieties, and some towing companies actually have weight limits on what they’re able to tow. You may need to hire specific providers for long-distance or high-weight tows, which will cost more than a traditional towing service. Remember that towing isn’t the only service these companies offer. They can help you with a flat or an empty gas tank, or even unlock your car for you!

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