/The Easiest Way to Choose and Buy New Tyres

The Easiest Way to Choose and Buy New Tyres

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I don’t think I am straying too far from the truth when I say that I am excellent at maintaining my car. I’m extremely careful with all facets of vehicular upkeep, as it were. But you know what they say: it happens to the best of us! So, a few days back I punctured a tyre smashing it into a jagged edge of a curb while trying to park. And as bad as it was, I knew the worst part was yet to come: buying a new one, the right type at the right price.

If you have ever dealt with the traditional tyre shop owners, you know what I’m on about. It doesn’t really matter to them what tyre is best for your car. Their agenda is to shift the tyres that make them the most bucks, or to rid themselves of those tyres that are about to expire or just don’t sell easily for whatever reason. So if you don’t know what to look for and where, they are going to have a field day with you.

Even if you do know a thing or two about tyres, as I claim to do, the issue of pricing is still largely out of your control when visiting a tyre shop. You don’t really know if the offer you are getting is the best, because it is not easy comparing it to other vendors. Well, unless you use what I found in my quest to find the perfect tyres for my car.

What you want is an easy to use online tool for finding the right tyres. These are the best places to look as they have a large catalog with tons of brands, and they offer a variety of tyre sizes you won’t find at your local tyre shop. What’s more, they provide a great way to compare prices. So really, all you need to know is the size of the tyre you are looking for. The rest is a few clicks.

Even if you don’t know the optimum tyre dimensions for your car, a simple search by name and modelyear provides you with the answer. You can decide whether you want winter, summer, or all-season tyres. You can compare features offered by different manufacturers, and if they have utilized a cool new technology in the product. And needless to say, due to the competitive nature of online shopping, you get the best offers price-wise, and even then you can still compare and weigh the cost against features and functionalities on offer.

As for my tyre story, well, I placed my online order the same day for a new pair (I swapped the non-punctured tyre on that axle as well), which meant my only interaction with the tyre shop was the ten minutes it took them to balance and fit them on the car. You can’t say fairer than that!

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