/5 Eye-Catching Ways to Customize Your Car Exterior

5 Eye-Catching Ways to Customize Your Car Exterior

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93% of U.S. households have access to at least one car. These days, everyone needs a car. Whether you drive your car for simple purposes such as commuting to work or have other needs for a vehicle, a car can make your life that much better.

Most drivers buy a car that fits in their budget or pays attention to performance specs. But what about the looks?

Even if your car wasn’t sharp when you bought it, there are ways to improve your car’s exterior. Whether you fully redo the exterior or add some personal features, there are many ways to improve your car’s appearance.

Here are 5 ways to customize your car.

1. Paint Your Car

Paint can make or break your car. Regardless of the make and model, a decent paint job can completely transform your car.

You can paint your car yourself or take your car to a professional. In addition, you can paint your car its normal color instead of choosing a new color. This hides scratches, chips, and makes your car look fresh.

2. Lower the Suspension

Do you see cars driving with the body close to the ground?

This is known as lowering the suspension, also called a “lowrider.” These cars have suspension installed that lowers the car to the ground. This makes your car look cool and trendy.

Keep in mind, lowering the suspension can have some drawbacks. You put more strain on the tires and you risk damaging the bottom of the car.

3. Install a Spoiler

If you don’t have a sports car, a spoiler is a small accent that can make your car look way edgier.

There are many spoiler options. Examples include small ones and large ones. Take a look at all of the ones you can find and choose one to your liking. You should also choose a spoiler that compliments your car well.

4. Add Decals

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your car upgrades, a few car decals can make a boring car look interesting. Decals are stickers you can add to your front and back windshield.

These little accents personalize your car, making it look like your own.

5. Buy New Wheels

A new set of wheels can do wonders for any car. Wheels can make an old car look revitalized and trendy.

There are more wheel options than ever. These include painted alloys, chrome wheels, and aluminum alloy wheels. You can also buy wheels in different sizes; for example, oversized wheels are popular.

Customize Your Car Today!

If your car needs a facelift, there are many ways to customize your car that fits all budgets. From investing in new wheels to adding a few decals, adding these exterior upgrades can make an old or boring car look trendy and cool.

The best thing to keep in mind is how these car upgrades affect the longevity of your car and if you’ll like them in the future.

Need some more car upgrade advice? Continue reading our blog!

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