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Getting Ready For Your First MOT

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When you buy your first car, it can be very exciting. You have the freedom of the open road and you can feel as though you have achieved something by investing in such a large purchase. Of course, once a bit of time has passed – you have to deal with your first MOT.

Many people fear their MOT but it doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds if you are properly prepared. To prove this, we are going to give you some of our best tips to help you get ready for your first MOT. This will include everything from checking the lights on your car to finding the right mechanic to get you through the process. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is The MOT?

An MOT is an annual test that your car goes through to make sure that it is safe to drive. This is something that is required and it can be scary because if your car fails, you are not allowed to drive it until it passes again. There are a few different categories in this test including Minor, Major and Dangerous. This is something that all drivers need to experience and if it is your first one, it can be scary and expensive if your car is not functioning as well as it should be.

Checking the Lights

One of the most important things in the MOT is the lights. You need to have all of your lights working or else your car isn’t going to pass first time. Take a look at the lights around your car including the headlights and the exterior bulbs. If these aren’t working then you might need to get them replaced or send it to a mechanic to get fixed. Lights are important because they keep you safe on the road so it is really vital that you do not ignore any broken lights on your vehicle.


During the MOT, you will also find that your tyres are examined. They need to be at the right tread and they need to not have any cuts on them. You can usually find out how deep your treads should be online but your mechanic can also help you with this. Tyres can be expensive but they are also very important and so if you need to buy some new tyres then before your MOT is the best time to do so. Remember that your spare tyres will also be examined as this is something which many people will forget. Bring any spare tyres you have with you and make sure that these are safe to use.

Finding the Right Mechanic

Some people who are new to the MOT take their car to a mechanic beforehand who is trained to spot these things. If you are going to be taking your car to a mechanic to test out then you need to make sure that they have motor trade insurance. Quotezone has a guide to motor trade insurance that outlines which automotive businesses need it and why it’s important.

When choosing the mechanic, you should also make sure that they know exactly what they are doing. Ask around for reviews from other people who have used their services before. This should help you to get ready for your MOT and prevent you from failing the first time.


When you are getting your car ready for its MOT, you must also look at the windscreen and the mirrors. These are very important and if there are any cracks then you could find that you need to get these fixed. Any mirrors that you have on your car need to be secured and in a good condition. Mirrors are important for driving and if you don’t have the right mirrors in place then could be putting yourself and others on the road in danger. Make sure that your windscreen is good to go.

Final Verdict

Taking your car for its first MOT doesn’t have to be a scary experience, as long as you are properly prepared. Sometimes, it can be obvious what is going to happen if there are things wrong with your car. Other times, you can find that you get a nasty surprise and need to fork out a lot of money. It is important that you get your car checked over and that you do not drive your car if it hasn’t passed the MOT.

Try to follow all of the advice that we have given you here in this article and this should help you to figure out what to do.

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