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Driving After a DUI Ban

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Being banned from driving thanks to a DUI Law can be a humiliating experience. You will have been made to realise that you cannot drink and drive: period! Family and friends may be disappointed in you and wonder how many times you have done it without getting caught. Spouses in particular will worry that you have been drinking before you drove with the kids in the car. Getting your licence back is a time for celebration, of the non alcoholic variety, but the hardest time is yet to come; how to convince everyone that you have learnt your lesson and will never drink and drive again. If you unfortunately make the decision to drive under the influence again your license will be taken away for good and you will be arrested which will most likely put you in the position to have to call a professional for arrest bail bonds.

Fitting an IID to Your Vehicle

If you haven’t been ordered to by the court, taking the initiative and fitting an ignition interlock device to your vehicle is a great way to prove to everyone you will never drink and drive again. Why? Because you can’t. These ingenious devices are actually breathalyzers attached to your car engine. If you are over the limit you cannot switch on the ignition. If you want to get the message out there that your days as a drunk driver are well and truly over an IID is the way to go.

DUI Treatment Program

A judge and a dui lawyer may, depending on the circumstances, order you to attend a DUI treatment program. If they don’t you can earn yourself some trust back by joining one yourself. These programs are real eye openers as many drivers charged with DUI don’t believe they have a problem. “So I had a couple of beers after work, what’s wrong with that?” nothing at all, as long as you won’t be driving home. Even the smallest amount of alcohol dulls your reactions which can have serious consequences when behind the wheel of a vehicle. You can read more on what to expect from a license reinstatement hearing here.

Avoiding Triggers

Drinking is very much a social activity. Without realising, you could be prone to drinking too much in certain situations. Identifying these situations and avoiding them will go a long way to helping you put your DUI behind you, check this link to get help picking a lawyer after getting a DUI charge. You can also involve your family and friends in this and they should be happy to help. If, however, that pal is still trying to get you out for a session it’s time to avoid he or she as well. In order to move on with your life after a DUI you need to start making better decisions. This doesn’t mean missing out on your cousins wedding, it just means you leave the car at home. If your treatment program has indicated a problem with alcohol stick to soft drinks or alcohol free beers. It’s all about the choices and decisions you make.

Join AA

DUI treatment programs only last a set amount of time, so what then? The AA program has helped millions to stay off the booze and joining them is a clear indication to everyone you are serious about doing the same. Having a drink problem can be very isolating as you think you’re the only one who feels this way, then you walk into an AA meeting and realise how many stories are the same as yours. Get a reliable DUI lawyer in Orlando to assist you in joining the AA program.

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