/Five Places Where Street Car Racing Is Legal in the US

Five Places Where Street Car Racing Is Legal in the US

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There are fewer things more frustrating than having a fantasy you can never live out. With movies always highlighting how cool it is to drive fast cars at a dangerous speed, it’s no surprise that illegal street racing is a challenge in several cities in the US.

Although it’s largely treated as illegal in the US, there are certain places where one can race their car. Interestingly, in most of these places, when you race, you can compete for a prize. Here are five places in the US where you can race your car:

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

As a means to curb its illegal street racing problems, the residents of San Diego converted the parking lot of the San Diego Chargers Football Team to a street racing venue.

The races are legal and police sanctioned with precautions are taken to reduce accidents. They are organized under the brand name RaceLegal, and anyone can sign up. The initiative has been mostly successful in helping reduce the spate of car crashes and accidents resulting from street car racing.

Limerock Park, Connecticut

If you’re looking for a race track filled with curves and bends, then this is the one for you. Founded by Skip Barber, the racing park also doubles as a racing school. You can spend some time there racing your car while learning a couple of tricks to improve your driving.

The racing school features some of the best drivers around and has trained some legendary drivers. Chances are, if you get to race your car here, you’ll be racing against some of the best drivers around.

No Problem Raceway Park, Louisiana

This is the most aptly named venue on this list. This race park features a 4000-feet long track that allows speedsters to test just how fast their cars are.

Races are usually set for Friday nights, and you can register with your own car for just $30. If you’re looking to test the performance of new car models from suppliers like Revology Cars, this is an excellent place to go.

Junkyard #1 Dragway, Mississippi

If you find yourself in Canton, Mississippi, you should check out the Junkyard Dragway. It’s the closest you’ll come to movie-like racing as there are few rules and the occasional car-crashing. The racing track is ? of a mile, and anyone can race there. Racing at the junkyard is legal, though, so it makes a fun place to hang out with the family.

Firebird Raceway, Idaho

Firebird Raceway is a hidden-gem for racers in a state famous for water-related sports. The raceway operates a large number of racing categories that allow everyone to participate.

There are more accessible racing categories to be a part of, but if you want to challenge yourself, you can join the ‘street legal’ races. To qualify for the race, you’ll have to race to be a member of the 100 MPH Club on any of the open test days.

Street racing is illegal for a good reason. You should never try to organize or be a part of an unsanctioned race. If, however, you find yourself close to any of these venues, make sure to stop by and get some pulse-raising car action.

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