/Do I need an SR-22 if I don’t have a car?

Do I need an SR-22 if I don’t have a car?

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Driving a car without documents proving insurance. Riding with a stitched driver’s license. DUI / DWI and court ruling related to these episodes.

Do you know what these situations have in common? Well, besides the fact that they are all the result of irresponsibility and lack of clarity. After identifying such violations, the state uses mechanisms that, in the worst case, will never allow you to drive a car again.

But, today we will not talk about such a prospect, because to achieve it, you still have to try, not doing absolutely nothing. But, the law, in spite of all its severity, is far from cruel. And he leaves the door open, behind which lies the path of restoring the tainted reputation.

And this path is called – certificate of insurance or a financial responsibility filing – a vehicle liability insurance document required by most state Department of Motor Vehicles for “high-risk” insurance policies. You must have heard of him under the name SR22. This is a rather expensive and uneasy way to learn a lesson and eliminate the consequences of mistakes, even for those who do not own a car.

Do I need an SR-22 if I don’t have a car?

The reader will ask if he does not own a car, but is in a situation where he needs the SR-22. Often in this matter, there is a desire to minimize costs after the incident. And the answer to it is straightforward – yes. Yes, you need an SR-22 if you don’t have a car.

In this case, you will need non owner car insurance. And if such a requirement seems excessive, then think again. After all, the presence or absence of a vehicle does not indicate your potential to drive a car. And everything happens on the road. And who else but you should know this if you are reading this article.

Non owner car insurance and how to use it.

The average cost of this certificate is $ 474.

We dropped this bomb. Learn this information and deal with it, because the price is really substantial. Now let’s talk how this type of insurance works.

And he works like a traditional car insurance policy with one huge exception – with a non-owners insurance policy, you’re limited to liability coverage. This, in principle, is obvious – no one will provide you with a refund comparable to full coverage.

Before you blame insurance companies for greed and greed, think about it. The insurer does not know which car you will drive, and often you also do not know this. Therefore, if necessary, they can face the replacement of mom’s Pinto or some sports car for the same price. No company will do that.

The benefits of this type of additional insurance, although varying by state, but in general, give an excellent guarantee to recoup the money spent.

If you come across another driver who does not have insurance, your purchase for almost $ 500 will cover a lot of things. That includes the cost of damage to your car. And medical expenses and fees for you and your passenger treatment. It can even cover the cost of delivering you to the hospital on an ambulance. And this is a good deal.

In an accident in which you are found guilty, non-owner car insurance will not provide a large number of preferences for you but will cover the damage caused to the second participant in the incident.

As you can see, this option of additional insurance is very tempting for each category of drivers who can count on it.

And for cases involving the need to obtain sr22 insurance, you will receive insurance and state-mandated forms in place to comply with the laws for your specific situation. Although, it is worth recognizing that in the legislation, there is no such thing as “non-owner SR-22 car insurance”. But this fact does not change either the essence or the capabilities of the document about which we are telling.

Summing up, we say that you should not be afraid of the cost or the possibilities of non owner car insurance. In the end, you will still benefit from this deal.

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