/The Most Flexible Car Ownership Alternative For Your Business

The Most Flexible Car Ownership Alternative For Your Business

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The startup culture is slowly but surely changing the way we live our lives. It began by completely altering the way we watch television and consume media through stuff like Netflix and Instagram, and now it has set its sights on the way get about. That’s right, transportation is one of the fields the startup crew is adamant needs changing, and we have to say they are achieving some goods results with their innovative ideas.

The concept of car sharing has been around since the day applications and smartphones became a thing. But companies have been struggling to make it work in the real world. We should probably point out we are not talking here about “ride sharing” services. They have been quite successful, actually. We are talking about “car sharing” in which you subscribe to a service which allows you to basically own a car for a period of time for a subscription fee. Now there are new players in this field, and turns out what they offer could be one of the best alternatives to buying a car.

In order to explain why, we need to take a closer look at how we go about getting a car right now. The first option, obviously, is buying the car outright. No doubt, it’s a great option, provided you have the money for the car that you desire. But owning a car comes with a number of provisos that start eating at you gradually after the initial excitement of buying the car has subsided. We are talking about registration, insurance, servicing, and worst of all, depreciation.

So you might be thinking what the heck, I just lease the car I want. Well, good, but you have to realize that when you lease, you get locked into a contract with very little wiggle room. So if after a couple of days you realize you are unhappy with your choice, tough luck. It is not going to be easy, or cheap, to get out of it. Then there are the payments, which are more often than not pretty substantial. And those payments do not include services and repairs in most lease contracts.

All of that makes the car subscription services an attractive option, especially for two particular groups. The first are those individuals who like to drive a different car every month. It enables them to basically have a new car every new day if they so choose. The second, are companies and corporations. Car leasing for business is one of the biggest money pits, especially for small companies. That fact that you can now get your employees into cars that are paid for based on the duration of use, and you don’t even have to worry about rego, service and insurance, and you get roadside assistance on top of all that, makes signing up to a reliable car subscription service a complete no-brainer.

Employing solutions like this is what separates modern and forward-looking companies from those stuck in the past and set in their old ways. Mind you, it probably takes a young and dynamic CEO to realize and appreciate the value startups bring to his or her business. An old-fashioned captain of industry type probably scoffs at proposals like the one mentioned here. Technology provides us with new and often unprecedented ways to improve the efficiency of how we do things at home and workplace. It is up to us to utilize them in ways that would benefit us, and those who do always stay a few steps ahead of the competition.

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