/Restoring the Former Glory: 7 DIY Car Dent Removal Methods

Restoring the Former Glory: 7 DIY Car Dent Removal Methods

Dents on Car 1 at Restoring the Former Glory: 7 DIY Car Dent Removal Methods

No matter how carefully someone drives, accidents can happen. Whether they’ve accidentally hit an object or someone else has hit their vehicle, dents can occur.

Depending on the location and the size of the dent, there are DIY methods that can help. If you have a dent that needs to be repaired, and there is no damage to the paint, try some of the tips listed here to see if it can be fixed at home. You may be able to remove the dent on your own, which can save you a trip to have the vehicle repaired and ensure your vehicle continues to look great. If these methods don’t work or there is damage to the paint, a pro can have it fixed for you fast.

Use a Plunger

Most people already have a plunger at home, so this can be an easy one to try. The idea is to plunge the dent like you would a sink drain. Start by adding a little bit of water to the plunger and the dented area so they will suction together better. Place the plunger in the center of the dent, then start plunging like a sink. After a few seconds of this, the dent should pop out. If the dent isn’t pulled out or there is paint damage where the dent is, visit a website like www.alanbyercollision.com to get help.

Use Boiling Water

Boiling water is another common method, but it works best on plastic components that might be dented. Simply pour boiling water over the dent to make it more pliable. Then, reach behind the dent to push it out. If it’s not possible to reach behind the dent, use the boiling water to soften the plastic slightly, then try the plunger method. Combined, they should be able to get most dents out of cars.

Use a Hairdryer and Compressed Air

A hairdryer and compressed air can be used to remove most dents. Start by heating the dented area with the hairdryer for at least a couple of minutes so the plastic becomes softer and easier to adjust. Then, spray the area with compressed air for up to a minute. The compressed air uses air cannon. The dent should pop out. If the plastic is not pliable enough, use the hairdryer a minute or two longer to ensure the dent will pop out when the compressed air is used.

Use a Specialty Tool

Sometimes, dents are in hard to reach areas or it’s not possible to reach the back of the dent to ensure it comes out completely. In these cases, it may be a better idea to purchase or borrow a specialty tool. These tools are designed for removing dents, so it makes the removal much easier and doesn’t require looking around the home for other objects to use. When using a specialty tool or any other method to remove dents, always check for cracked or damaged paint. This will need to be repaired even if the dent is fixed to help protect the vehicle from damage.

Use a Bucket and Vacuum

If you have a bucket and vacuum handy, they may be able to help get the dent out. To do this, start by choosing a bucket that’s a little bit larger than the dent. Then, drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket. The hole should be smaller than the vacuum hose, but large enough for plenty of air to be pulled through the bucket. Place the open end of the bucket over the dent, then hold the vacuum’s hose to the hole in the bottom of the bucket. Turn on the vacuum and the suction should be strong enough inside the bucket to pop out the dent.

Use Hot Glue, Wooden Dowels, and Screws

This method is perfect for large and small dents that may be on one of the sides of the vehicle. To start, gather hot glue and a hot glue gun (you can find one at Glue Guns Direct), wooden dowels, and a few screws. Use 3/4-inch or larger wooden dowels cut into at least two-inch long pieces. Then, screw into the wooden dowel from the side. This creates a handle that can be used to remove the dents. After the wooden dowels are prepared, use the hot glue to attach them to the dent.

Depending on the size of the dent, it’s likely a good idea to place at least a few of them in the dent. Once they are placed and the hot glue has dried, use the screws to pull out the dent. The dowels will only pull out a small section at once, but by using a few, it is possible to pop out a much larger dent. Once the dent is gone, gently remove the wooden dowels and hot glue, then wipe down the car to remove any residue.

Fix From the Inside

Depending on the location of the dent, it may be possible to fix it by pushing it out instead of trying to pull it out. If the back of the dent is within reach, simply push on it from the other side. This may cause the dent to pop out and restore the vehicle. If it doesn’t work on its own, using boiling water can help. If there are two people that can work on removing the dent, having one push from inside and another trying the plunger method can also help get the dent to pop out faster.

Dents can happen if a car is hit, if the driver bumps into an object, or for a number of other reasons. No matter where the dent is, however, it can usually be repaired. Try out some of these methods to remove any dents that may be on your vehicle. If they work well, you can avoid having to take the car to the shop. If they don’t, however, a shop will be able to completely remove the dents from the vehicle. They can also touch up any paint that was damaged so the car looks like new again.

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