/What are the Best Family Cars?

What are the Best Family Cars?

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Once you’ve started a family, your automotive needs begin to change radically. You begin to concern yourself more with how much room there is in the back, and how safe you’re all going to be in the event of a collision.

Fortunately, there are millions of people in precisely the same situation, and so there are dozens of vehicles tailored to precisely your circumstances. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of them in our roundup of the best family cars.

Peugeot 3008

The latest in Peugeot’s super-sized lineup comes in a choice of diesel, petrol or plug-in hybrid engines. Unlike the previous generations, this is more of a compacted SUV than an expanded hatchback, and it offers many of the same virtues as other models from the manufacturer: including a buttery-smooth ride, excellent fuel efficiency in the diesels, and an interior that matches any of its rivals.

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Skoda Octavia

The Octavia is the car on which Skoda’s success is based. The current version of the flagship has enjoyed some significant changes, designed to move it up into the larger category, so that the new Rapid can assume the role as the company’s smaller hatchback. As such, you’ll pay more for this one, but if space is essential, it’ll be worth it.

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Ford Kuga

Ford’s Kuga wasn’t enough of a success, despite some positive reviews. As such, Ford have decided to move it up a bracket into the lower end of the SUV market. It’s a decision that’s designed to appeal to smaller families looking for a little more space than their hatchback can provide. Get yours insured by ALAIB.

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Vauxhall Astra

The latest incarnation of Vauxhall’s Astra has undergone a radical facelift, which means new engines, in both petrol and diesel varieties. There are dozens of different varieties available, ranging from the high-performance ‘turbo’ line to the more economical ‘ecoTEC’. Much of the new stuff comes under the bonnet, and you might notice a little bit more in the way of performance when you’re midway through the school run.

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Concept 8 730x279 at What are the Best Family Cars?

Volkswagen Golf

Since the mid-70s, Volkswagen have been churning out Golfs. And now, it’s the world’s best selling car, with more than thirty-five million of them leaving forecourts across the world. The eighth generation of Golf keeps many of the features of its predecessor, and thus it represents more of an evolution than a revolution.

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