/4 tips to help you afford a luxury vehicle

4 tips to help you afford a luxury vehicle

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The figures show that the five bestselling new cars in the UK in 2019 were all hatchbacks – and it makes total sense. They’re economical, spacious enough to fit your family and shopping in, but small enough to nip around city streets and squeeze into parking spaces. But what if you want to treat yourself to something a little more exciting?

Despite tighter public purse strings and rising environmental concerns, there’s still an argument to be made that money’s not worth earning if you can’t enjoy it. For most of us, however, a luxury car will always be out of our financial reach – or will it?

Here are four practical tips to help you get behind the wheel of a beauty.

Put down a large initial payment

Many of the wealthiest among us will advise on only ever paying for a car in cash – but that’s simply not feasible for the vast majority. Ultimately, however, the more you can put down up front the better the deal you will get.

If you’re signing up to a car finance contract a large deposit will reduce your monthly repayments and the amount of interest you pay overall. Set yourself a savings target and do your best to reach it before making your application.

Buy nearly new

It’s well known that all vehicles depreciate in value rapidly, and that decline is always greatest in the first year of ownership. For luxury cars, the drop is even more severe – which means you could get a great deal if you’re prepared to find a model with a few miles on the clock.

That doesn’t mean you have to settle for an old banger by any means. All you’ll miss is that new car smell.

Shop around for repairs and services

Some luxury car brands are more prone to faults and breakdowns than others, so you may still want to pay out for an extended warranty if you’re confident it’s necessary. Beyond that, make sure to shop around to find reliable mechanics at a fair price.

Ask friends for recommendations, read reviews and get quotes. You have a right to know the cost of a repair upfront.

Use personal contract hire (PCH)

Car leasing could be a financially attractive option if you’re happy to hand the car back once you’ve had your fun. You’ll make an initial payment and scheduled repayments as you would with a personal contract purchase (PCP) car finance deal but won’t be forced to buy the vehicle outright at the end.

This means your instalments with a car leasing provider such as ZenAuto could be significantly lower on the same standard vehicle.

Is 2020 the year you finally get the car you’ve always dreamed of?

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