/How Has The Electric Car Become Popular Over The Years?

How Has The Electric Car Become Popular Over The Years?

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With new electric cars being designed and built all the time, the electric car is becoming increasingly more popular. What started as a fantasy has now become a reality, with EV charging cables and charging points becoming more renowned across the country. Today, more and more people are starting to purchase electric vehicles instead. So, what has caused this change and how has the electric car become more popular over the years? Let’s take a closer look, below.

Range And Performance Improvements

The first electric cars lacked the battery capacity for long trips and were very slow, making getting from A to B a very long trip. Despite having high-end price tags, customers lost interest in the products and opted for buying diesel or petrol vehicles instead, due to their speed and extended range.

However, since then, manufacturers have refined their production processes and improved technology. Now, EVs can travel hundreds of miles off only one charge and, in turn, the performance of these vehicles has improved considerably.

Technology Advancements

Tesla has changed a lot of people’s opinions on EVs as their cars feature high-tech elements, including advanced touch-screen interfaces and self-driving capabilities. Car owners look for want to have tech features in their cars, so as the technology improves in electric cars, they will become even more popular. The future is sure to see car manufacturers expand these innovative features as technology improves even more.

Reduced Costs

Electric vehicles are becoming more accessible to the general public as they become cheaper and more affordable. Not only are these cars cheaper to run, but they are becoming more widely produced, hence the drop in price. What’s more, as electric vehicles have been around for a while now, you can buy second-hand EVs, so you can save money.

Support From The Government

Both the UK and France have planned to have all electric roads by 2040, which will mean the removal of gasoline-powered vehicles for a positive impact on the world and environment.

Due to this deadline, several governments across the globe are starting to put pressure on car manufacturers to ensure that a certain percentage of their sales comes from electric cars. Therefore, we have seen an increase in electric and hybrid vehicles available, as manufacturers guarantee to offer electric variants for all their vehicles by the early 2020s. More and more people are beginning to buy electric cars to help the environment and contribute to making the roads electric before the deadline.

Environmentally Conscious

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and thinking twice about how their actions impact the environment. Therefore, more people are opting for electric vehicles as their cars and millennials are even purchasing EVs as their first cars. As people become aware of their carbon footprint, they can change their lifestyle to be more eco-friendly, hence buying electric cars.

There are a few reasons why electric cars have become more popular over the years and it varies from person to person as to why they choose to buy an electric vehicle. So, have you got your EV yet?

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