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The Most Famous Cars in History

 at The Most Famous Cars in History

If you like playing in an online gambling websites then chances are really high that you are a car person.

Well, there always those cars that seem to be old but highly-priced and cannot be found anywhere. Usually, it is not about the car, it is about the history of the car.

Here is a look at some of the most famous cars in the history of cars so that you know what to buy after winning your real money from online sports betting or playing your favorite online casino games.

57SC 1936 Atlantic Bugatti

This a relic, you cannot remake it and actually live up to the standards of the 57SC Bugatti.

From the metal used to the unique beautiful design, the car is currently priced at over 30 million dollars.

This car will actually have eyes turning when it hits the road.

1948 Tucker Torpedo

1948 Tucker Torpedo 730x485 at The Most Famous Cars in History

Also known as the Tucker Sedan, was quite an evolutionary development in the car industry of its time.

Originally, the car was the first to have an independent four-wheel suspension and disc brakes. Also, the car has a rear-mounted six aluminum engine and a hydraulic drive system.

However, the Torpedo Company only managed to make 51 versions of this historic car. Nonetheless, pricing for this car starts from 1.2 million dollars.

1960 DB4GT Zagato Aston Martin

DB4GT Zagato 730x304 at The Most Famous Cars in History

We all know the Aston Martin brand from most of the famous car movies. For example, you can actually find it in the famous movie Drive.

This curvy car has a Zagato Italian touch to it. Also, it comes with wire wheels, a big hood and an Aston grille.

It is mainly famous for its 314 horse power which explains why it is popular with most car movies.

The car is worth over a million dollars and is quite popular in the celebrity and socialite industry.

So if you visit online casinos and you win those megabucks, this is the ultimate car relic to buy. See it as an investment!

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